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1 Chyna Parks

She is really pretty and she has an amazing voice

CHYNA PARKS IS AN AMAZING SINGER. I don't understand how you people don't like her. I mean, of course, sometimes the shoes doesn't make sense, but you guys don't have to hate on her because she is beautiful and talented. GET A LIFE.

You know there is a professional wrestler called "Chyna" right? She died from Drug Overdose. Never name your kids after people that died. That is just wrong. Please don't name your kids this EVER.

Why does she have to sing in every single episode? God we know you can sing. Stop shoving it in our faces. Whenever she sings it makes me want to throw a brick at the screen.

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2 Olive Doyle

I love Olive... She is awesome, I hate China, she can't sing. Olive is so smart, and you can learn a lot without really realizing it. She is awesome, I love her dance moves, her voice, and how she tricked China and Lexi, and got Dixon Ticonderoga to like her!

Olive is an okay character. She is a nice person who will tell it like it is. But sometimes she can brag to much bout how smart she is. Personally, she is okay.

Chyna is a great singer and is a good person. One of the reasons I hate Olive is that she stole Dixon then gets mad when he dumps her.

I love olive much better then Chyna, because she always brags about her singing. She is awesome all the time and so funny

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3 Fletcher Quimby

I like Fletcher because who doesn't love Jake Short and he's such a sweet character. Yah he has his ups and downs but he'll do anything to earn Chyna's love and then helps Olive in the last few episodes where he then dates her. Of course, I hate Olive because of how annoying she is and Chyna isn't any better, so I don't really get how they can both be above him

He's ugly, and dumb, and doesn't have a thumb! Doesn't deserve to be with Sierra or Paris! He said he wanted Pillow Pets to die on Twitter, 'cause he's bitter. When I see him, I get a little shiver! He's Jake Short, nobody likes him, he has a dog, and everyone farts on him!

He's so funny because he's played by jake short and what's not to love about him

Fletcher is so sweet! I wish he was my boyfriend!

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4 Paisley Houndstooth

Paisley is awesome and funny she is dumb

Paisley is so awesome! But she can be really really dum sometimes!

Paisley is so hilarious and funny I just love her and she is totally gorgeous

Paisley is my bænshe is so funny and amazing I love her

5 Angus Chestnut
6 Cameron Parks
7 Lexi Reed Lexi Reed Lexi Reed (Stefanie Scott) is Chyna's biggest rival at Webster High. Chyna is seen to be the leader of the ANTs, but Lexi still considers herself the Queen Bee. However, if necessary she will ally with Chyna and her friends. Eventually, she becomes student body president. Her best friend and sidekick more.

Really. Just really. She is a constant bully. I heard in one episode there was a new girl to A.N.T farm called Violet and stand up to Lexi the annoying bully with is really a bad example and bad portray of cheerleaders. Then everyone doesn't want to be Violet's friend. Like what? You are demonizing a Saint. And yet you treat that bratty demon Lexi like she was Jesus. Really. A.N.T farm and Shake it up I use to like. But now it's just a stupid,dumb,bratty,show that portrays people badly.

Well for starters she thinks shesbetter than china think she s the prettiest of them all doesn't like competion with more likely china in it so yeah arrogant I was gonna say olive but lexi more things I had to say. About her

Ok I like lexi but she is a little to full of herself but they have to have one of those in every show right

8 Principal (Susan) Skidmore
9 (Henry) Gibson
10 Wacky the Wolf

He is the best if you think he is not the best then you are the wrong one here not me why am I doing this I hate a.n.t. Farm.

Wacky is awesome and he is totally cool I wish he got in to the school so he could be in the 3rd season

I bet he voiced by Mr. Snoodles!

I would invite him to a pool party along with Olive Dole and Sierra Nicole McCormick and Pairs MaryJo Berelc and Brenna Brenna D'Amico and Piper Joy Curda.

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11 Darryl Parks

He is way funnier than all these characters!

12 Granny
13 Hippo
14 Robot Olive

Beep boop! My senceulators detect she is pretty!

15 Zoltan Grundy

He is very funny and really weird

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