Top 10 Abba Ballads and Love Songs

These songs are neither ballads or love songs! All of these songs I mentioned are favourites of mine! Yes I know, it's another Abba list. Add new items if you want! Enjoy!

The Top Ten

1 The Winner Takes It All

I confess to sobbing tears of cheesy joy whenever I hear this song. How can you not love ABBA? - PetSounds

This song is about Agnetha and Björn divorce - a divorce that caused the end of the band. They recorded only one album after that. - Metal_Treasure

2 Chiquitita
3 Fernando
4 Knowing Me, Knowing You
5 I Have a Dream
6 The Name of the Game
7 My Love, My Life
8 One of Us
9 I've Been Waiting for You
10 Slipping Through My Fingers
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