Top 10 Best ABBA Songs Where Agnetha Faltskog Is the Lead Singer

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1 The Winner Takes It All

Agnetha's voice is always amazing but I found it was just outstanding in this particular song. Each note was unbelieveable and her vocal range was incredible. As well, I loved how you could hear all of the emotion in her voice! Definitely a 10/10.

How can Agnetha sing this song so powerful without crying?! No one can do it better than her! 10/10! - ivylee

Love Agnethas voice in every song but this one was the best

2 S.O.S
3 Take a Chance On Me

Sorry but this is not an Agnetha lead vocal song. It is a Joint lead vocal song with Frida and where Agnetha has some solo lines in the middle. This is confirmed by the 'ABBA Omnibus' site. Definitely one of the groups best though. - DeeJay

Yeah, it is really not Agnetha's solo song. There's both Agnetha's and Frida's vocal parts.

4 Chiquitita

Definitely the 2nd best after The Winner Takes It All in my opinion. I love Agnetha's sweet voice and when every member joins in the chorus! - ivylee

5 My Love, My Life

Agnetha looks like an angel when she is singing this! Beautiful and sad! - ivylee

6 Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)
7 One of Us

A heartbreaking but perfect pop song.

8 When I Kissed the Teacher
9 I've Been Waiting for You
10 The Day Before You Came

The Contenders

11 Move On
12 Thank You for the Music
13 Hasta Manana

She sings it so beautifully! So sweet!

14 Under Attack
15 Lay All Your Love On Me

She's got that power! The miracle :-*

16 Disillusion

It's an amazing, wonderful song!

17 Head Over Heels
18 Slipping Through My Fingers

So emotional and sad! So sweet and beautiful! - ivylee

19 Dance (While the Music Still Goes On)
20 Happy New Year
21 Kisses of Fire
22 My Mama Said
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