This show is my absolute favorite and such a treat. There is a totally mysterious hot guy (Avan Jogia), magnetic romantic chemistry (Dacey), a twisty murder mystery, and exploration of society's response to criminal behavior.

This show is Twisted, it really lives up to its name. Never knowing what will happend next, is the best part. The relationships between all the characters is one of the most intriguing things. Its like each character has a hidden secret. The chemistry among danny and lacey, woah. For young actors, they portray the intense atmosphere very well. My favorite character is Tess, she is a pandora box.

I'm so in love with Jo and Charlie! They're adorable together

Best show on abc family to date. A great mystery without coming off over the top dramatic. A great cast tips off a show that I hope will have a long run on abc. Keep up the good work!

I loved it, hate that it got cancelled because it was just at such a climax point where mostly anything come happen, came to this site to see other shows like this show because I was having a hard time moving on from that show since I love mystery and it was such a good show.

The show is amazing the reason why I got a twitter and tumblr. The chemistry is amazing between Danny and Lacey. I love the show hope that it comes back for a new season!

Why is a number without stalling to unravel mysteries and secrets, it is direct to the point! And of course it has Avan Jogia who is too beautiful! I LOVE THIS TWISTED!

"Twisted" is one of the greatest series I have ever watched! I am sitting at the edge of my seat for every episode, wondering what will be the next twisted thing to happen! Keep up the great work!

This show is definitely one of the best shows I have ever watched it has all of the drama and mystery and you don't want to stop watching the show!

I love the show because of Jo. I'd definitely stop this watch if there wasn't be this amazing character in the show.

Twisted is literally the only show I watch on a regular basis. I am not an avid T.V. watcher. But when someone suggested this, I almost laughed because the teen show premise. However, I tried it. I was hooked. NO. I became obsessed. This cast is amazing. I love the trio. Danny and Jo have this wonderfully unique friendship. Lacey and Danny have the most powerful and magical chemistry that rivals the great romances on the movie screen. There is a perfect display of emotion from the leads with the gorgeous and talented Avan Jogia playing off of equally talented Kylie Bunbury as his love interest and also equally talented Maddie Hasson as his best friend. I hope to see more of this show and would love to see seasons to come. I still am in awe of the Dacey romance, the Jo/Danny friendship and am excited to see the Lacey/Jo friendship explored as well. Not only that but the whole sociopath and murder angle just capitulates this show into the top for me.

"twisted" is an amazing and wonderful but yet interesting series at the same time.. you get hooked so easily by the first episode you are already trying to see what is going to happen and it almost leaves it a a cliff hanger and is just such an amazing series.. the characters are amazing and I was upset they canceled the show:(... so I really wish they would bring it back

The best character is totally Jo. I love her to death.

I really hope this show doesn't get cancelled because its such a good show I think it. Might be best show on ABC. I love that show


This show is sooo great, it kinda describes my personal life and the situation I went through. I really recommend this show to lots of people it's a great show. the friendship is great. It also teaches you a little lesson, to forgive no matter what and leave the past behind you. I say this because in the show Joe forgives Lacey and Danny for all their lies that they put Joe in and the lie Danny and Joe kept and didn't tell anyone. So I really recommend this show to people if you haven't watched it.

Twisted is one of the best shows I've ever watched. I love it! It has a great cast and it's full of suspense and mystery. Twisted definitely deserves a long run on ABC Family

Love love love Twisted! Leave all the shipping and bull out of it, love the suspense factor of the show. You can't guess what's coming in this show, you just can not!

I am so sad this series is done:( it is so mysterious and never gets me bored. Honestly one of the best series I've watched even though there was one episode.

Great plot. The best chemistry ( Danny and Lacey ). I like the casting. Everybody is doing a great job to make the show work.

This is the best show I've ever watched and I almost cried when I got to the last episode. ABC FAMILY PLEASE MAKE ANOTHER SEASON. I NEED ANSWERS!

I really like this series and wish they would make a second season it a very interesting and hard to stop watching

I love the show I rewarded the episodes and it was really great and they should renew it on abc family or netflix or at least make new episode so we no how it ends

LOVED IT! I personally really love watching suspenseful T.V. shows; however, they can tend to be very predictable, but Twisted keeps throwing more and more excitement. If your not big on creepy/suspenseful shows, I would still suggest this. So what if it keeps u up at night?! You can't live life without watching at least one murder/mystery show, and who knows maybe you'll be hooked on the genre! I can easily say that Twisted is one of my favorites!

I loved the show I wished they would bring it back everything I like a show they take it off daddy was so good with Jo. And lacey played a good part