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21 Shapeshifting

You can turn into anything, anyone, and turn into another hero to have their power. Also, you can like stretch yourself or change into an animal to hide from an enemy.

22 Geass Power
23 Turn Into a Dragon

Someone actually agrees with me

24 Transform Into A Dragon

I once had a dream about this to be honest.

25 Control Energy

Let me just tell you-Heat, Light, Electricity, Sound, Gravity, Chemicals, Nuclear, Thermal, and about a million more are forms of energy. So if you could control gravity, the world would probably end in a few days. - IAmNotARobot

26 The Force

The force is clearly the best power. Everything is possible through the force. You can fly to a certain extent, you can control peoples minds, and you can push/pull things that are far away from you. Not to mention you'd also have force jump and force speed. The force would be extremely valuable in warfare. The best part though, is being able to sense a presence. Nobody will ever be able to sneak up on you again.

27 Controlling Emotions of Others
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