Top 10 Abnormal Young Thug Lyrics

Ah, Thugger the man. He may have great productions and an acquire vocal range but his lyrics can be very questionable a times.

The Top Ten

1 I nut on that fish on my sofa - Dome
2 The gators got measles - 3 Headed Snake

This is actually not his song, it's a featured verse on a Gunna song, the artist who's a watered down, unenergetic Young Thug. - AlphaQ

3 Birds smell like Italian - Take a Picture
4 I got lots of spots like a tiger - Don't Waste My Time

Probably Young Thug's stupidest lyric. - AlphaQ

5 Bitch I'm the s***, f*** a toilet - For My People

Made me laugh so hard - JoLeKosovo

6 If cops pull up I put the crack in my crack - Check
7 No homo but my blunt look like a dick - Friend of Scotty
8 I used to want to f*** my auntie - Tussin
9 I told her I want boneless chicken like an egg - I'll Tell You What
10 F*** n**** trippin I get prison and f*** your father - Numbers
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