Most Absurd And Messed Up Debates On

So, I was navigating my way around and so, I found some debates on that site that were absurd, messed up, laughable, or just plain disgusting to be eligible for an entry on this list. And no, I’m not making this up. I have a feeling that many of these were made by trolls or what not. Feel free to go on that site and find some of those debates you think are absurd or messed up and add them to this list.

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1 Should pedophilia be legal?

A crime should never be legal! - ElSherlock

In Saudi Arabia before 2018 it was a crime for women to drive so would you then say it should never have become legal? - Powell

That's so wrong. How is this even debatable? - RogerMcBaloney

2 Does bullying justify school shootings?

As horrible as both of them are I think this is maybe even worse than the one about pedophilia. - Powell

This debate is messed up - ElSherlock

3 Should China be nuked?

Well, that would take down the largest military on the planet, but it would also be the demise of a good chunk of the human race, and more likely than not, President Xi would call Putin and ask him to nuke US, being the only nation with more nukes than the States. - BonJovi17

No. China should just stop polluting and being exploited by other countries to make all of the crap they consume. - RogerMcBaloney

That's one of the most racist debates I've ever heard of! - KrispieTheClown

Did a China hater made that debate - ElSherlock

4 Do vaccines cause autism and homosexuality?

That's really stupid (especially the vaccines cause autism one) - ElSherlock

5 Should America nuke the Middle East?

Not only would we annihilate our enemies, but we'd probably wipe Israel off of the map. (Assuming "we" means the USA) - BonJovi17

No the world's population will decrease - ElSherlock

What’s with and nuking places? - JoeBoi

6 Does Canada exist?

Canada always existed - ElSherlock

Even the land didn't exactly always exist it has existed for millions of years but the Earth's landmasses have shifted a lot over time. - Powell

7 Are humans a disease to earth?

Kind of. I mean, we're all pretty stupid all things considered. We're the only species on earth that destroys their environment. We could do so much to prevent pollution, but all our leaders and rich fools think about is getting more and more money that they don't even need. - RogerMcBaloney

In a way, yes. But more humans are good than bad. - BonJovi17

8 If T-Series beats Pewdiepie, should we nuke India?

A PewDiePie fanboy probably made that debate - ElSherlock

What the hell... - Bammer73

9 Should we all be vegetarians?

No. I keep telling my parents I'm an "inverse vegetarian". They won't listen. - BonJovi17

No. Humans need meat to stay healthy and strong. - RogerMcBaloney

Being vegetarian isn't healthy for everyone - ElSherlock

10 Do we need men anymore?

Yes you do. The only debates on DDO that I've done are debates against atheists who take some guilty pleasure in trying to defeat the Bible. But this? All this is ridiculous! - BonJovi17

Without men there will be no females - ElSherlock

The Contenders

11 Do you think social media should be banned for all people?

Only for little kids

12 Is mayonnaise an instrument?

This is more just silly than messed up but yes this is completely absurd.

I actually debated this on DDO just to get my feet wet, so to speak. It was hilarious how seriously the opposing side was. I didn't want to start my account doing some bigwig philosophical mystery, although, after this debate, that's exactly what I did.

I remember it claimed that mayonnaise and horse radish were the only instruments that Kurt Hugo Schneider. - Powell

13 Disabled should be annihilated

Yes someone actually debated this

14 Are Non-Christians the Devil's Spawn?
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