Top Ten Most Absurd Metal Subgenre Names That Don't Exist

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21 Satancore

"So is this Mainstream Black Metal? " - Metal Elitist.

Satancore is just another word for Black Metal - SirSkeletorThe3rd

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22 Biker Metal
23 Admincore

Metal song singing about the admin lol - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

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24 Streetcore
25 Gattlingcores

Gattlingcore. Mostly like those songs where the drums sound like machine guns.

26 Hardcorecore
27 Fluffycore
28 AVGNCore

That would be hilarious! AVGN ranting about bad games over a metal tune! - drdevil

29 Christian Technical Death Goldfishcore V 1 Comment
30 Idiotcore

Hardcore idiocy in metal. It's rare to find such.

31 Bleepcore V 1 Comment
32 Nickicore

Just imagine Stupid Hoe as a metal song! - CastlevaniaFanboy128

Nicki Minaj singing metal? No, just no - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

33 Foodcore V 1 Comment
34 Dumbasscore
35 Islamicbikinicore V 1 Comment
36 Kazoo Duck Metal
37 Maocore

I'll end anyone that invented this core. - SamuiNeko

Chinese propaganda metal? No way!

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38 Snorecore

@SirSkeletorThe3rd - people created mostly "core" subgenres because they read the list description above.

However, every time I hear a subgenre with "core" in the name I expect to hear more punk than metal. Typical metal subgenres have metal in the name, except for metalcore, which is mostly punk as of today. Currently metalcore is punk and even pop punk influenced by metal. Ironically, the name metalcore suggests that this is the essence of metal (haha).

And no, metal should not become associated with the "core" genres. Hardcore was the first "core" subgenre and it was a punk subgenre, not a metal subgenre. Metal is very often confused with punk and I really hate this. - Metal_Treasure

Really? Huh, I kinda expected things with Metal in their name and only a couple of core genres - SirSkeletorThe3rd

Snoring sounds in metal could be put into the black/death metal songs.

I like how every single entry on this list has core in the name. IS THIS WHAT METAL HAS BECOME?! - SirSkeletorThe3rd

39 Heavy Dubcorestep

Dubstep and metal? That might be good - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

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40 Cumbernauldcore
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