Top Ten Most Absurd Metal Subgenre Names That Don't Exist

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61 Technocore
62 Trancecore
63 Cowboycore
64 Discocore
65 Classical Metal

There's symphonic metal! It's my favorite genre!

V 3 Comments
66 Osamacore
67 MLGcore

The world needs this genre for humanity's safety. The guitars sounding like air horns and lyrics being "Damn son where'd ya find this? " And "oh baby a triple! " Followed by growled renditions of "Oooohh! " - SirSkeletorThe3rd

68 1337core

Leetspeaking in metal is gonna be the worst. Better do it in dubstep instead.

69 Shrekcore
70 Balletcore
71 69th Core
72 Nu Metal Trance
73 Skrillexic Metal
74 Ponycore
75 Posercore V 1 Comment
76 Sexcore V 1 Comment
77 Fapcore
78 Cheesecore V 1 Comment
79 SamuiNekocore V 1 Comment
80 Britgirlcore
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