Top Ten Most Absurd Names for a Sports Team

There are lots of great sports teams with cool nicknames, like the Chantileers, or the Ragin' Cajuns. However, what if teams had ridiculous, stupid nicknames? This is what this list is for. I've came up with 10 of the most ridiculous names for sports teams, and you can add on if you thought of a really bad one.

The Top Ten

1 The Delaware Firsts

A lot of College football teams name themselves after their states nickname, like the Tennessee Volunteers or Oklahoma Sooners. However, what if Delaware did that? You would get the Delaware firsts. That's ridiculous because it sounds like the people on that team were the ones who commented "FIRST! " on every youtube video.

Speaking of the "first" people, I now know why people invented the term "first the worst, second the best." It's because the first person says "First! " The second people tell them to shut up.

2 The Trump Supporters

Imagine if Donald Trump had his own university named after himself, then made the school nickname, the "Supporters"? You would definitely get one of the most hated teams in the entire country if that happened.

3 The Kentucky Bluegrass

Like I said with the Delaware Firsts, it's a ridiculous nickname. I'm pretty sure most teams wouldn't be afraid of them since they're technically grass.

4 The Barbies

Hmm basically Nicki Minaj's football team.

5 The Beliebers

One time, a child got a scholarship to the Justin Bieber university. He threw away the scholarship, and didn't go anywhere, and became a homeless, poor person just so he didn't have to be a Belieber.

6 The Special Snowflakes
7 The Alabama Crimson Elites

Changing "Tide" to "Elites" just makes me want to throw up.

8 The Clinton Supporters
9 The Victims

This can apply for pretty much any team. It's stupid because other teams will think they suck, and even the polls will rank them very low because of that.

10 The Victicrats

Formerly Democrats who now are professional victims everywhere they go.

The Contenders

11 The Thought Police

Yeah this does not sound right intimidating but not in a good way.

12 The Directioners
13 The Bronies
14 The Dumpster Fire
15 The Underdogs

I don't need to explain this one!

16 The Arizona Desert
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