Top Ten Absurd Things Google Might Do If They Bought TheTopTens

The Top Ten

1 Force you to log on to Google+ to use TheTopTens

I have very angry memories that span from the POINTLESS Google Plus. - PositronWildhawk

I could totally see them doing this. - PianoQueen

God, no, that would be AWFUL - TwilightKitsune

That would make nonsense. - BorisRule

2 Take down any list, comment, or blog post that references anything that has a copyright on it

My both accounts are relatively safer than other users regarding this - styLIShT

I hope Google never buys TheTopTens. - tent2

There go all my music lists. - PetSounds

There go all of my lists - BorisRule

3 Mimic WatchMojo and turn TheTopTens into a WatchMojo knockoff

There goes our opinions... - HoH

4 Put all the popular YouTubers on TheTopTens, thus ruining the reputation of popular TopTenners

If Google bought this, they better off not putting all popular YouTubers on TheTopTens. - Delgia2k

Hey, Pewdiepie may get tons of subs there, but you'd see from the start that he'd likely make an awful TopTenner. - PositronWildhawk

5 Make blog posts on TheTopTens limited to ten lines or less

You know how YouTube has time limits? Google might try to put a length limit on TTT blog posts if they bought it... - HoH

6 Permanently ban you from TheTopTens if you said one thing against Google
7 Instigate flame wars on every comment page on TheTopTens

I'd leave if they started flame wars on purpose... - HoH

More like ice wars! (you won't get it unless you know a few things about me.) - Cyri

8 Have the top 10 items on every list be whatever comes first on Google search
9 Stalked whatever you searched on Google, and if you searched for Bing, they'd put a virus on your device

That's one way to compete with Microsoft... - HoH

At least Google might lose money to law suits. - Skullkid755

Google would be sued if that happened. - BorisRule

10 Put popup ads up whenever you open a different page

The Contenders

11 They Replace The List With A Video Takeover
12 Have the top ten best songs of all time be whatever music videos have the most views on YouTube
13 Ban all good users
14 They spam our messages with Playstore game ads
15 Make the workers work even harder
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