Top Ten Most Absurd Things to Shout on Christmas Morning


The Top Ten

1 Get coal!
2 Where's my double bacon cheeseburger!?

I haven't eaten all day... - Cyri

3 Let's burn this whole place!

It would be Perilous to do so at that moment. - Cyri

4 The AI takeover begins now. Skynet?
5 I think Santa's stuck up here!

What Camaro6 said - darthvadern

What Camaro6 and darthvadern said

LOL - BorisRule

Lol - Camaro6

6 Luigi just stole my gifts!

And Mario took the credit again! - Cyri

7 It begins...

Yes, christmas: infinity war is released in theaters, shut up and take some money - darthvadern

It has begun. - Cyri

8 I think the dog is eating the stockings!

The dog! Ha, no. The wolf pack I sent your way. - Ashes

That’s what my dog would do! - Camaro6

9 Puny mortals!

Sacrifice your family to me. - Ashes

10 Santa and I had lots of fun last night

I doubt people will believe you - TheDarkOne_221b

And I have lots of questions - SirSheep

Oh my... - Cyri

The Contenders

11 My snowman is yellow!

That's disgusting... - WheresMyGuitarPick

12 Hey Mom, I know what you got me!
13 Hey guys, it's Christmas! Let's go plant snowmen in other people's yards!

That's as close as I'll ever get to anarchy. - Gg2000

Great, now we have wint-anarchy day - darthvadern

14 I am going to say the n word.

Which one? - Firemist

15 You, boy! What day is this? Bend over and check for me, would ya?
16 Heil Hitler
17 Happy Valentine's Day!
18 Eat Slugs!

Anyone else watching Harry Potter? - SirSheep

19 Wake up maggots!
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