Top Ten Most Absurd Things to Shout on Christmas Morning

The Top Ten

1 Get coal!
2 Where's my double bacon cheeseburger!?

I haven't eaten all day... - Cyri

3 Let's burn this whole place!

It would be Perilous to do so at that moment. - Cyri

4 The AI takeover begins now. Skynet?
5 I think Santa's stuck up here!

What Camaro6 said - darthvadern

What Camaro6 and darthvadern said

LOL - BorisRule

6 Luigi just stole my gifts!

And Mario took the credit again! - Cyri

7 It begins...

Yes, christmas: infinity war is released in theaters, shut up and take some money - darthvadern

It has begun. - Cyri

8 I think the dog is eating the stockings!

The dog! Ha, no. The wolf pack I sent your way. - Ashes

9 Puny mortals!

Sacrifice your family to me. - Ashes

10 Hey Mom, I know what you got me!

The Contenders

11 Santa and I had lots of fun last night

I doubt people will believe you - TheDarkOne_221b

And I have lots of questions - SirSheep

Oh my... - Cyri

12 My snowman is yellow!

That's disgusting... - WheresMyGuitarPick

13 Hey guys, it's Christmas! Let's go plant snowmen in other people's yards!

That's as close as I'll ever get to anarchy. - Gg2000

Great, now we have wint-anarchy day - darthvadern

14 Heil Hitler
15 I am going to say the n word.

Which one? - Firemist

16 You, boy! What day is this? Bend over and check for me, would ya?
17 Happy Valentine's Day!
18 Eat Slugs!

Anyone else watching Harry Potter? - SirSheep

19 Wake up maggots!
20 I hope I got an assault rifle as a present.

Great thing to give as a Christmas present... - Powell

21 Are we having crocodile for Christmas Lunch?
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