Top Ten Absurd Things We Might Anticipate About Animeboobiesfan69420180

Animeboobiesfan69420180 is SuperHyperdude's internet associate who we briefly see in his sarcastic overview of the internet, which was part of my contest. Animeboobiesfan69420180 was so full of mystery from the start, so I made a list of conclusions which I have arbitrarily jumped to on behalf of such.

The Top Ten

1 animeboobiesfan69420180 is a fan of boobies in anime, not anime and boobies separately

This user is mysterious to be honest - BorisRule

Well I assure you it's not hard to find. - keycha1n

This made me smile for some reason kek. - bobbythebrony

For some reason, I find this strangely...strange. I also love it! :D - Britgirl

2 animeboobiesfan69420180 acknowledges that testicles are like male boobies, and is constantly reminding SuperHyperdude that this is true
3 animeboobiesfan69420180 has known SuperHyperdude since infancy, and has been plotting revenge since SuperHyperdude stole animeboobiesfan69420180's paper on top quark decay in a vacuum
4 animeboobiesfan69420180 is SuperHyperdude's older, foxier sister
5 animeboobiesfan69420180 lives a dark, twisted thug life powered by the frustrations of SuperHyperdude

This fan didn't choose Thug Life, Thug Life chose her. - Delgia2k

6 animeboobiesfan69420180 has perfected nature's recipe for the apple using three types of synthesised tocopherol, ready to make a business
7 animeboobiesfan69420180 believes that pizza should be illegal in a micronation run by a politically conservative animal circus with dubstep on every radio station and shop-bought puppies on every block
8 animeboobiesfan69420180's first list on TheTopTens will be about SuperHyperdude's tendency to flirt with himself in Norwegian while increasing his kill count on Call of Duty
9 animeboobiesfan69420180 is developing a programming language for the Chinese Kennel Club, designed to hack microchip readers in Scotland so that SuperHyperdude will legally own all the Scottish Terriers in the world

Aw man, SHD you lucky duck. - keycha1n

10 animeboobiesfan69420180 greets SuperHyperdude with the secret handshake which is outlawed in Kuwait for reasons known only to extraterrestrial philosophers
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