Top Ten Most Abusive Circuses

Circus's are just abusive, the animals are ALWAYS abused in captivity, and they aren't living the natural life of an animal, interacting with each other.

What we need to do is shut down all animal acts and put the animals in sanctuaries where they can learn how to handle themselves in the wild then let them free!

The Top Ten

1 Ringling Bros.

These cruel, inhumane monsters made lame elephants perform despite their pain, they have been charged $270,000, that's the most any zoo has been charged! They had a lion cub die, and beated elephants numerous times! Never go to this animal abuse infested place, all the people who work here will go to hell! By 2018, all elephant acts will end! Progress! When I found this out I danced for joy! - ToptenPizza

I live in Wisconsin and I am angry to here that you hate the Wisconsin circus so damn soonly I hate you we show our cows 🐄 with love and respect/with affection and understanding surely it is/was that the same with all of the rest of da animals

They are just mean to the poor innocent animals. ;-; what did they ever do?

Very cruel! They beat animals, like any other animal circus!

2 Carson & Barnes

They used a blow torch and electric prod on their elephants and the head trainor even said to make them scream! Elephant's are highly intelligent creatures who deserve more respect! They can feel pain! The trainors must be sociopaths! - ToptenPizza

3 UniverSoul Circus


4 Brian Boswell's Animal Circus

The elephant wanted water, the poor thing picked up a hose to drink and they hit him with steel! Elephant's have survival needs and you need to respect that! The poor thing needed a drink, that's like a child picking up his water bottle in class and the teacher slapping him with a ruler! He was doing hard work, was thirsty, decided to drink wich is only a NATURAL INSTINCT and the cruel, stupid trainors who are satan on earth beat him for it! And someone who worked there said, "it's not in our interest to be cruel or horrible to the elephants. Why would we do that? They are expensive" LOOK, they don't even view them as living, feeling, breathing things, only a source of income! They wouldn't want to hurt them because they know they can feel pain, and deserve respect and care, they don't want to hurt them because they would loose them! Demons! (! ) - ToptenPizza

I feel so sorry for all of those poor innocent animals. That’s why I hate circuses that abuse animals. - Swampert02

5 Bobby Roberts Super Circus

It's super abusive! They kicked their elephant, Anne, who had arthritis! It's one thing to abuse a healthy animal, but one who is suffering! Those evil dip$&#$%! They chained her up, beat her, poked her with a pitchfork! I hope they go out of buissness, and starve to death on the streets and get assaulted by everybody they meet! Heartless jerks! We shouldn't allow the owners of this terrible place to walk this earth, I hope everyone throws rocks at them and they get burned! Thankfully Anne is now in an 80 acre sanctuary. Finally, justice. - ToptenPizza

6 Hangzhou Sapphire Circus

$@#*&% They should not do that!

I had to include the fact they had a tiger jump through a flaming hoop, at least one circus that did this, because tigers are instinctively afraid of fire you @$$holez! They are making the amazing, intelligent, buetafull creatures do something they don't want to do, but even worse! They are afraid, and they aren't facing their fear the way it should be done: voulentarilly, but they are being forced! NOT FAIR! - ToptenPizza

7 Peruvian Circus That Had Cholita

I couldn't find the name of the circus, but they had abused this poor thing so badly, her claws were removed, teeth smashed out, almost all her hair removed. The pain this poor bear is too much! Thankfully she has been given a second chance at a sanctuary. But this bear is ENDANGERED, we need to protect our endangered species! - ToptenPizza

8 George Carden Circus International

They failed to provide the elephants with shelter, or vetenary care, inadequate unsafe enclosures, and failed to handle the elephants properly, these idiots should not be allowed to have animals! - ToptenPizza

9 Shrine Circus

These bastards denied the tigers adequate space and excersise, and transported them in filthy vans with maggots and flies, plus a build up of what appeared to be hair, food waste, and excreta. What drives someone to be so heartless? - ToptenPizza

10 Jordan World Circus

They kept malnourished tigers in small cahes for 11 DAYS, why? - ToptenPizza

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