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1 Colors of the Wind

Nobody likes Pocahontas because of it being historically inaccurate. But honestly who cares! Disney is basically deciding what the audience would like to see. Pocahontas is truly one that should be a role model, she made a sacrifice for love which stopped war from happening so she basically stopped a World War! Apart from that, Pocahontas has truly some of the best music, Pocahontas has one truly angelic, femine and soaring singing voice. She sung Just around the river bend and If I never knew you with John Smith to perfection. But Colours of the Wind, sends one of the most strongest messages in any other Disney song! I love Pocahontas and I don't care what any one else thinks. I love the movie, the disney princess and the music!

Was there ever any doubt that this song would win an award? It's brilliant. I hate Pocahontas but it has some of the best music. When watching the movie, the visuals are very nice and the music is a perfect fit. I still don't know how she was able to learn English from the wind. - MegaSoulhero

I knew it would be 1. I literally guessed it right before I clicked on the list. - AnonymousChick

I love this song! We sang it in school a long and too many years to count ago

2 Can You Feel the Love Tonight

Since we all know Simba and Nala are secretly siblings, this song is basically about incest. There's nothing more romantic than brothers and sisters falling in love with each other. Elton John is a great songwriter. This song is definitely the perfect love song to listen to when your on a date. It's also the song to listen to only to remind yourself that you will never find true love. Kidding. I like this song a lot. - MegaSoulhero

Simba and Nala are not siblings! Though this song is awesome, but there are NOT siblings, that would be weird, and in The Lion Guard they said that they're used to be a pack of male lions who protected the pride lands and Nala's dad was one of them

Disney movies always win that award

This sappy song sucks so much... I hate it.

3 A Whole New World

Aladdin and Jasmine's love is so powerful that it only takes them a few minutes to travel around the world. I'm so glad this song won an Oscar. It's brilliant. Love songs are always so good. I just want to push Aladdin off that carpet and steal Jasmine away from him. - MegaSoulhero

This is one of my favourite song ever


4 Let It Go

This song never bothered me anyway! I don't care what anyone says. This song is awesome! This song seems to be the reason why most people hate Frozen. They also say Frozen has too many songs, which it doesn't when compared to REAL musicals. What makes this song so great is that it's sung by the wickedly talented Adele Dazeem, I mean Idina Menzel. Getting an actual Broadway star to voice a character in the movie was pure genius. I'm not gonna pretend like this song isn't overplayed. It is, but it's still fun to listen to. I can't wait to hear Betsy Wolfe perform this song in the Frozen Broadway show in 2018.

EDIT: I put this high on the list specifically to anger people. - MegaSoulhero

I like the song and everything, when its overplayed - constantly it gets as obnoxious. Wait!,no, no, no! It is just mainly obnoxious! I'm sorry- not sorry- for you lovers but, I hate it! Who ever voted for this song must be 7 or 8 because all those kids are addicted to it like I'm addicted to Taylor Swift- HUGE FAN! - anyway, Let it this chart, it shouldn't be hear anymore!

Let it go, people. Let it go is nothing special. If you think let it go is good, then you clearly don't care or have any respect for music. And I feel sorry for you. It's too bad not everyone was born with gifts like that!

I like this song but just like the movie, it's incredibly OVERRATED. Frozen needs to end.

5 You'll Be In My Heart

Phil Collins always writes good songs. Except the ones in Brother Bear. This song won the Oscar because it tells us that the person we love will always be with us no matter what happens. I'm so glad this won and not Blame Canada from the South Park movie. I feel like I'm the only one who hates that movie. - MegaSoulhero

! I love this song! This should be second or third place!

This song will always be in my heart

This song has been a favourite of mine ever since the day I saw the film in theaters back in 1999. It'll always be in my heart. - BKAllmighty

6 Beauty and the Beast

I love this song and the movie it's named after. It's very cute to see Belle and the Beast dance in the ballroom while this song is playing. This song is sung by Mrs. Potts in the movie. I don't like the character that much but she has a nice singing voice. It's just a very great love song and very romantic. Makes me wish I had a girlfriend. lol. - MegaSoulhero

7 Under the Sea

The Little Mermaid is definitely the second most overrated Disney movie of all time. Most overrated being Mary Poppins. I still like The Little Mermaid and one song I absolutely love from the movie is Under the Sea sung by Sebastian. You would expect a song like Part of Your World to be nominated for an Oscar, but I'm glad it wasn't. This song makes me dance all the time and it makes me want to live under water. Ariel has no idea how good she has it. - MegaSoulhero

8 When You Wish Upon a Star

It's basically the theme of all of Disney. That's nothing short of iconic. - BKAllmighty

Behold! The first Disney song to ever win an Oscar! I can see why Disney decided to make it their main song. This song was sung by Jiminey Cricket in Pinnochio and it has become the most memorable Disney song of all time. This song also convinces you that if you make a wish on a star, it will come true. I have tried it and I still don't have a million dollars. - MegaSoulhero

I hate this song

This is the classic tune that plays every time a Disney movie was started up at the Logo...memories.

9 Man or Muppet

Are you a muppet of a man or a very manly muppet? This song starts after Gary's girlfriend, Lois Lane, leaves him for spending too much time with his brother and not enough time with her. She tells him to choose between being a man or a muppet. Both Gary and Walter sing this song and we even find out that the human version of Walter is Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang Theory. This song is absolutely great. It's very well written and has an emotional tone. I don't know if I like this song better or Pictures in My Head. They're both great songs. - MegaSoulhero

10 If I Didn't Have You

I totally ship Mike and Sully. This song is from the Pixar film. Monsters Inc. This song is mediocre at best but still slightly enjoyable. I'm still surprised that it got nominated for an Oscar. It's a good song but then Mitchell Musso and Emily Osment just had to ruin it. I honestly don't know why they had two of the stars from Hannah Montana do a cover of this song. - MegaSoulhero

I forgot this song for a minute

The Contenders

11 We Belong Together

I voted for this because, unlike the three ahead of it, this one has actually won the award.

Yeah! Now this is a classic

12 I See the Light - Mandy Moore & Zachary Levi
13 All for One - High School Musical 2
14 It's Goin Down - Descendants
15 The Ballad of the Lonesome Cowboy - Toy Story 4
16 The Immolation Scene - John Williams
17 The Gang - The Mandalorian
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