Top Ten Accomplishments of David Stern

David Stern, as you may of heard, passed away tragically. He was easily the best commissioner in NBA history and maybe modern history. Let's go over the accomplishments of this great man.

The Top Ten Accomplishments of David Stern

1 He Globalized Basketball

I doubt it was solely his doing but still if he had an important role then that is a huge accomplishment and I am sorry that I had not heard of him earlier. - Powell

What? Never heard about him, but now I feel really thankful for him... RIP - Bammer73

David Stern truly globalized. He made it the sport it is today. He made it popular around the world. - 2storm

2 Added All-Star Weekend

The All-Star Game has always been a thing, but Stern added everything else to make it All-Star Weekend. - 2storm

3 He Established the Draft Lottery

David Stern added the lottery to add a bit of surprise to the Draft. - 2storm

4 Added 7 New Expansion Teams

Added 7 New Expansion Teams. Including last year's champ, the Toronto Raptors. - 2storm

5 Established Salary Cap

David Stern helped make the Salary Cap. It makes it where we don't have just absolutely stacked teams. Helps with parity and competitiveness. - 2storm

6 Made the Drug Rules for the NBA

He helped make The Drug rules for almost all sports. The NBA had a real drug problem and David Stern played a huge role in cleaning that up. - 2storm

7 Made the G-League/Developmental League

The G-League has been a big game-changer. - 2storm

8 Was Rewarded Commissioner Emeritus for His Work

After he left being commissioner, the NBA granted him Commissioner Emeritus, which is actually an honorary position. - 2storm

9 Helped Make the WNBA

David Stern helped establish the Women's National Basketball Association - 2storm

10 Got Basketball on Big Sports Channels

He made deals that got basketball on big sports channels. - 2storm

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