Top Ten Accomplishments of the United Nations

The UN, established in 1945, has done immense good for the world. However, many politicians and citizens today despise the UN, and some even want to withdraw from. It. Here are the top ten reasons why that's a really bad idea.

The Top Ten

1 Universal Declaration of Human Rights

In 1948, the UN established a universal declaration of human rights. These are rights that should be protected around the world. The declaration includes rights to education and health care, freedom of speech, religion, and movement, equality of opportunity for all, and much more. While, obviously, this declaration is non-binding, this was the first time that most of the world agreed to protect human rights. - Alpha101

2 Fighting hunger

The UN helps feed tens of millions of people a year. - Alpha101

3 Decreasing child mortality

The UN has taken many steps to combat child mortality. Because of these efforts, child mortality has been cut almost in half since 1990. - Alpha101

4 Fighting AIDS and HIV

The UN has also sponsored programs to combat the spread of AIDS and HIV, particularly in Africa. Since 2005, the amount of people living with AIDS and HIV has dropped by around 30%. - Alpha101

5 Promoting women's rights

The UN has worked diligently to promote and protect the rights of women around the world. The UN had a convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women, which is also called the "international bill of rights for women." - Alpha101

6 Protecting reproductive health

The UN has made efforts to protect the reproductive health of women, specifically by educating women about safe sex and by making birth control more accessible. Unfortunately, the US has stripped funding for the United Nations Population Fund because of its support for safe and legal abortions. - Alpha101

7 Promoting arms control

The UN has worked with countries, specifically the US and Russia, to limit the spread of nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons. - Alpha101

8 Limiting wars

The UN has limited the spread of wars and conflicts by placing sanctions and sometimes authorizing military action against countries that defy international law, like it did during the Gulf War. - Alpha101

9 Improving education worldwide

The UN has worked to improve education in countries around the world. - Alpha101

10 Improving the global economy

The UN has provided countries with billions of dollars in aid to promote economic growth. - Alpha101

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11 Fight disease

Polio nearly eradicated

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