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81 Gimme a Bullet

Top 10 to be sure.

You want a song to blow your mind with speed and passion. Press play

Great great song reminds me when I broke up with my ex this song and acdc put a smile on my face and made me feel 1000 times better for me a great healing song. I none stop listening to GIMME A BULLET all day in fact my cd broke I played it that much

I never knew what the most popular ACDC songs were prior to looking at this list and I am astounded that this song wasn't even listed as it is my most listened to song by ACDC with well over 100 listens.

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82 She's Got Balls

I love Bon Scott's story of this song. "I joined AC/DC and my wife said why don't you write a song about me. I wrote she's got balls and then she divorced me."

This isn't funny my girlfriend has balls

Love the riff, should be higher

83 Breaking the Rules
84 Rising Power V 1 Comment
85 Ain't No Fun (Waiting Round to Be a Millionaire)
86 Burnin' Alive

Magic Song. Very catchy. Play it loud & then you'll vote it high.

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87 R.I.P. (Rock in Peace)

Can't believe this wasn't on the list, a forgotten song from the original dirty deeds, in my opinion it should be in the top 70 at least - ACDC-

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88 Nick of Time

Awesome solo, riff, and lyrics. Really cool song. Should at least be in top 20. - bighercules

89 Hold Me Back V 1 Comment
90 Cover You in Oil
91 Show Business
92 D.T. V 2 Comments
93 Love Bomb

This song is awesome man, should go to top 10. I love this song like sex. Listen to this every night

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94 Chase the Ace

"We're scanning the scene of AC/DC tonight,
We're looking for you to start up a fight
There is music blaring in our brains
It's nothing new,
It's what drives us insane."

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95 Shake a Leg

This song is really underrated. It has a Zeppelin feel. If this song was not released on Back in Black and put on the next album (for Those About...). I think It would have been a hit single.

Great rock song! Brian Johnson's vocals hit some ridiculously high notes. Great groove

This is top 20 AC/DC song. Super high vocals great guitar riffs and one of Angus' best solos ever!

This one is just so going down well it is my favourite one with the best guitar solo ever I think

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96 Get It Hot

Nothing from highway to hell can be this low on the list - ACDC-

Very underrated song - ACDC-

97 Up to My Neck In You

145 just rocks and blues baby come on man

Is there anything wrong with this?

The best rock n roll solo on earth

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98 Rock the Blues Away

AC/DC is back! This song rocks! Favorite song on the Rock or Bet album. I would love to hear a medley of Rock The Blues Away and Anything Goes as a tribute to Malcolm.

This song is GREAT! It's definitely the best AC/DC song since Thunderstruck. This is one of those bar songs that everyone can rock to. Love this song!

This is the best song on rock or bust. Make it higher on the list!

Sums up how I party

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99 Kicked In the Teeth

Greatest riff ever..

Please vote this

Hear it and you will rate it!

The best riffs ever

This is my favorite acdc song I can't believe it's so low maybe people havnt heard it

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100 Let's Get It Up

This song should be somewhere in the top 25!

This should be a hell of a lot higher than 109.

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