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101 Let's Get It Up

This song should be somewhere in the top 25!

This should be a hell of a lot higher than 109.

102 Damned

Really under-rated, I love this song!
When driving around the neighborhood I always have this song (or hells bells) playing loud and I drive real slow, definitely a head turner when you wanna make an entrance. Makes me feel s badass B-l

103 Mean Streak
104 Bedlam in Belgium
105 Can I Sit Next to You Girl

This is at 133?!? Are you kidding me?!? This is better than most of the stuff off of Back In Black. This should at least be #10.

AC/DC's first song, What is it doping at 133?

106 Night of the Long Knives
107 The Honey Roll

The guitar riff is my favorite guitar riff in all of AC/DC.

108 Badlands
109 This House is on Fire V 1 Comment
110 Cold Hearted Man

One of the best songs of the Bon Scott era, killer blues riffs and really down and dirty. I love that song.

What the hell! This is the best ACDC song. What is it doing in 104 spot?

111 Go Down V 2 Comments
112 First Blood V 1 Comment
113 This Means War
114 Guns for Hire

I'm a wanted poster a needed man great great song. Again fab album

Chorus sounds like Enter Sandman, while the main riff sounds like Wherever I May Roam

Very underrated!
I like this song! - Dendo

115 Spoilin' for a Fight V 3 Comments
116 Rock Your Heart Out V 1 Comment
117 Playing With Girls

Anyways, this one sounds like Too Young To Fall In Love by Motley Crue.

118 Sink the Pink

As if I had to add it in. This is their best song. The start is definitely the best part.

Is it their best? No. Is it ' awesome? Yes! Definitely better than #130.

Fab song again love the album Brian's voice


V 1 Comment
119 Decibel
120 Miss Adventure

Come on, this one is so fun to play on guitar

V 1 Comment
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