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121 Emission Control
122 Meltdown V 2 Comments
123 Shot of Love V 1 Comment
124 Ruff Stuff

Should be higher

125 Let's Make It
126 Down On the Borderline V 1 Comment
127 Snake Eye
128 Give It Up V 1 Comment
129 Carry Me Home

Extremley underrated song and one of the best, of course it wasn't on the list. This Was the b side To the dog eat dog single. One of the best AC/DC songs of all time, vote it up - ACDC-

130 Landslide
131 The Jack

I like this song, maybe my 5th overall after highway, shook me all night long, back in black, and rosie.

She got the jack yeah really really killer sounds I really enjoyed it.
She gave me her mind,
She gave me here body,
But she gave it to anybody,
She was number 9.99 on my $3.00 list,

Got ta be higher!

After all she was a dirty little bitch she's got the jack jack jack jack she's got the jack. Great song LIVE

V 1 Comment
132 Heatseeker


Best guitar riff by AC/DC! - mmtennis07

HOW THE HELL IS Kissin Dynamite above this?

159?! what! This song was played when Guns N Roses opened for AC/DC and Metallica back in 1991.

V 6 Comments
133 Black Ice

When I heard this song for the first time, I pressed the Replay-Button again and again. It was the second AC/DC-Song I heard, and it made me into an AC/DC-Fan. One of the greatest riffs on this world, and he is still great, no matter how often you listen to this.

You have to love the guitar riff man, I watched angus playing that riff on the riverplate DVD oh man it sounds brilliant. Okay phil rudd is such a machine on the drums, wow. He is epic. Long live the kings of high voltage. No I do not mean the tribute band, I mean the real AC/DC.

Black Ice is an example of metal that eats, dreams and lives metal

Come on, one of their signature songs, amazing riff

V 2 Comments
134 Big Jack

For my 8 years old daughter is the best AC DC song and for me it's enough!

V 3 Comments
135 She Likes Rock 'N' Roll
136 Evil Walks

What's wrong with you, people? I think this is one of the signature songs of the band! Amazing, very catchy chorus! Should be at least in top 25 in my opinion.

This is an awesome song! If I could dedicate this song to anyone it would be perfect for my ex.

V 3 Comments
137 Mistress for Christmas

Not the best one, but gotta be higher! Really good riffs, nice vocals, as always, really goog song from TRE!

138 Are You Ready

Can't believe this isn't higher up the list. Really catchy and has an absolutely epic, and unique intro. Also the guitar solo is awesome!

Their best intro ever, the energy you feel in the song is incredible.

This song was played during Axl/DC

V 2 Comments
139 Live Wire

First of all, for as much respect and admiration as I have for Brian Johnson, Bon Scott was the greatest frontman of AC/DC ever! He is in the top 5 of hard rock/metal frontmen of all time! Therefore, all AC/DC songs done with Bon at the helm trump anything that they ever did with Brian Johnson. All the top AC/DC songs should be Bon Scott songs. AC/DC also sounded better with Bon. Angus' and Malcolm's guitar work had always been great but they were frenetic when they were with Bon! They were so much heavier with him and at times bluesier too. There are many great Bon Scott AC/DC songs but Live Wire is my pick. It's heavy, has a great build-up, great leads from Angus, great rhythm from Malcolm, and excellent vocals from Bon. The best version of this song is actually not the studio version though (although that one is great) but is the version from Live from Atlantic Studios in the Bonfire box set. It's so heavy and awesome! Really gets your head banging. Never before have I heard AC/DC ...more

This Song shows the raw power that they put into all there music, the absolute thought of this not even being at the top makes me cringe at your judgement of this amazing band, though why put these songs in a list? Every song may have the same chords, same simplistic feelings, but the soul, the effort and dedication that this band put into there music is what I love, I use to hate AC/DC then I listened to the whole album highway to hell, then Fly on the Wall, Blow up your video and so on and now I love every song they've done!

This is there #1 song in my book. Best intro every (other than maybe Thunderstruck). This song is simply awesome and keeps building from the start to the finish! Give me goose bumps every single time I hear it!

How is this not at least in the top 20? #135? Really? - Alpha101

V 4 Comments
140 Flick of the Switch

One of the best AC/DC songs. The guitar is awesome, so powerful! For me, it's at the same level of Back to Black. It's pure AC/DC. A bomb of Rock'n Roll! Listen and enjoy it!

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