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121 Rock the Blues Away

AC/DC is back! This song rocks! Favorite song on the Rock or Bet album. I would love to hear a medley of Rock The Blues Away and Anything Goes as a tribute to Malcolm.

This song is GREAT! It's definitely the best AC/DC song since Thunderstruck. This is one of those bar songs that everyone can rock to. Love this song!

This is the best song on rock or bust. Make it higher on the list!

Why this song is amazing

V 3 Comments
122 Baptism by Fire V 1 Comment
123 Emission Control
124 Meltdown Meltdown V 2 Comments
125 Shot of Love Shot of Love V 1 Comment
126 Rock Your Heart Out Rock Your Heart Out V 1 Comment
127 Let's Make It Let's Make It
128 Down On the Borderline Down On the Borderline V 1 Comment
129 Go Down Go Down V 2 Comments
130 Playing With Girls Playing With Girls

Anyways, this one sounds like Too Young To Fall In Love by Motley Crue.

131 Snake Eye Snake Eye
132 Give It Up Give It Up V 1 Comment
133 Carry Me Home Carry Me Home

Extremley underrated song and one of the best, of course it wasn't on the list. This Was the b side To the dog eat dog single. One of the best AC/DC songs of all time, vote it up - ACDC-

134 Rocking All the Way Rocking All the Way
135 Guns for Hire Guns for Hire

I'm a wanted poster a needed man great great song. Again fab album

Chorus sounds like Enter Sandman, while the main riff sounds like Wherever I May Roam

136 Harley Davidson V 2 Comments
137 Boogie Man Boogie Man

Come on guys, this song has the most awesome riff, and Brian Johnson's growl at the beginning of the song is just chilling, bring it up!

V 1 Comment
138 Can't Stand Still Can't Stand Still V 1 Comment
139 Hard Times

Again great song great lyrics Lisa s

140 Sweet Candy

Seriously under rated song my favorite song on the rock or bust album.

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