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141 Fly on the Wall

My God, how can this song be down here? LISTEN TO THIS, THIS IS ONE OF THE GREATEST SONGS OF ALL TIME! Absolute favourite!

This may have the single best guitar riff of any ACDC song, I would encourage anyone to listen and consider this!

142 Hard as a Rock

This song should be in the top 10, I love it after a few thousands of listening too!

I just love angus and Malcolm's guitar. My favorite guitarists are angus and Malcolm, alex lifeson (rush) and slash (guns'n'roses. Such a catchy riff love that geetar.

The 2nd best song after having weed!
It can take you to the extreme pleasure of music.
Stairway to heaven by Led Zappelin is the 1st one... Please guys, listen it after having weed!
The best one...

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143 Rocking All the Way
144 Gone Shootin'

This should be top ten. Trust me, this is one of their best ones. Epic riff.

Hear the two guitars once separately, and then together, then you will know.

Best AC/DC song ever! Bon was the man. Like brian but he's not on the same level. Never be Nother like bon. R.I. P

I can't believe this masterpiece is at 66. One of their best riffs and songs on Powerage.

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145 Rock N' Roll Dream V 1 Comment
146 Harley Davidson V 2 Comments
147 Boogie Man

Come on guys, this song has the most awesome riff, and Brian Johnson's growl at the beginning of the song is just chilling, bring it up!

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148 Can't Stand Still V 1 Comment
149 Hard Times

Again great song great lyrics Lisa s

150 Sweet Candy

Seriously under rated song my favorite song on the rock or bust album.

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151 Got Some Rock & Roll Thunder

Oh come on, this is such a great riff

152 I Put the Finger On You

I can't believe that song was not in the list. - ThePavkostek999

153 Snowballed

One of Brian Johnson's craziest vocal performances!

154 Goodbye and Good Riddance to Bad Luck

Okay, here's one that's not on the list yet.

155 Got You by the Balls
156 Go Zone
157 Kissin' Dynamite
158 If You Dare
159 Borrowed Time
160 Hell or High Water V 1 Comment
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