Shoot to Thrill


I remember back in 1980 going to Christian summer camp and spending half the time there listening to the Back in Black album in the camp counselor's car and especially Shoot To Thrill. I just couldn't get enough of it and 30 years later I just love the heck out of this song. Best song on the best hard rock album of all time.

It is very difficult to choose one song from such a great massive catalogue of songs, however if there is one ac/dc song that finds its way onto any playlist I make it is shoot to thrill! It is a great pace for a song to jump up and down to at a concert and the guitar work is great as well - Grundapants

Its an unbelievable song of fully thrill and awesomeness. I guess that this song should be on #1 as it has more potential to do the best ranking in the market, even if its lyrics and sound track give a rope of attachment to the listeners
This song can make people SHOOT TO THRILL

This song, its insane, it makes you feel like you ironman just blasting everything from the movies. This is all I listen to now. Its just amazing how this song can make you go so insane over it! If I ever hear though song I just go ballistic, I start going inane

I'm 97 and I used to be in a rock band called replicas and I sang this song. Now I live in the best looking place in the world. Scotland. Thanks to this song

I just love this song one of my favourites...
Wt should I say I just love it best rock song and best rock band ever,

Back in black, highway to hell, hells bells, rock n roll awesome man...

This song made me fall in love with AC/DC definitely at least 3rd place. The beat and the rhythm really demonstrates a great classic rock song. An absolutely amazing song. No doubt about it.

This song has so much energy, I hear it every time I need an adrenaline boost. Along with Thunderstruck it's amongst my favorite AC/DC songs, and sincerely think it should be at least Top 3.

Great song for Iron Man and also overall a great song! It really shows AC/DC's distinctive music style and how they are no doubt one of the greatest rock bands of all time...

There is no competing with this song. those who voted for back and black are most people who back and black is the only song by AC/DC. This is the best song by AC/DC PERIOD

Engages you so much. When you start singing along it just sends vibes through you body. My absolute favourite song of AC DC. May be the best song ever really

I lose it when it gets to the end of this song... My head starts shaking, my feet start moving, my face starts bleeding happiness all over. People think I'm crazy, but the lead singer just goes IN on those last bars. The chorus is amazing. By far, this is the greatest ACDC song of all time!

YOU HAVE to love this one the most! it's just so exciting! - Mikonater

My number one AC/DC song. The power in it is just amazing, and it just grows stronger and stronger. A masterpiece in music history.

I'm not much of a fan, but this is my number one. Now I need to write something else so I reach a quality post.

Of course BACK IN BLACK is the undisputed king... But SHOOT TO THRILL comes in second. I know you know it too so vote it up higher

I love all ac/DC songs but this one just really gets me pumped up - Wasdxd

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This song is better than highway to hell people this song is one of the best song how could be 7 position?

One of their signature songs, first AC/DC I ever heard, extremely fun to play

I'm a huge AC/DC Fan is always near the top of my playlist when I'm listening to the greatest band ever!

This and Thunderstruck are a tie, 4 me... - yellowboy06


Killer beat and guitar with very "pointed" lyrics! Should be number 1!

I'm not sure is it normal, but I just wanna scream and jump when I hear it, so much energy.