Top Ten Ace Attorney Cases

This is a list of Ace Attorney Cases, based on my and your opinions. After the case's name, in parentheses will be the number of the game and the number of the case (for example, the first case of the first game would be written as 1-1)

The Top Ten

1 Bridge to the Turnabout (3-5)

There's absolutely no reason why anyone should think this is not the best case in the series.

Epic, beautiful and simply perfect!

This one was awesome

2 Farewell, My Turnabout (2-4)

This was an amazing case. You find out that Engarde hired an assassin and you need to get him convicted and get De Killer to release Maya. This was a great plot twist.

3 Turnabout Goodbyes (1-4)
4 Rise from the Ashes (1-5)
5 Turnabout Beginnings (3-4)
6 Turnabout Trump (4-1)
7 Reunion, and Turnabout (2-2)

First confrontation with Franziska, an other case with Maya as a potential killer, the coming of the cute Pearl Fey, and the case in itself is amazing

8 Turnabout Memories (3-1)
9 The Stolen Turnabout (3-2)

Ronnie is pretty nice

10 Turnabout Sisters (1-2)

The Contenders

11 Turnabout Succession (4-4)
12 Turnabout for Tomorrow (5-5)
13 Turnabout Big Top (2-3)
14 Turnabout Academy (5-3)
15 Recipe for Turnabout (3-3)

Hilarious and incredibly fun! My second favourite case!

16 Turnabout Samurai (1-3)
17 The Lost Turnabout (2-1)
18 The First Turnabout (1-1)
19 Turnabout Corner (4-2)
20 Turnabout Serenade (4-3)
21 Turnabout Countdown (5-1)
22 The Monstrous Turnabout (5-2)
23 The Cosmic Turnabout (5-4)
24 Turnabout Reclaimed (5-DLC)
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