Top Ten Best Action 52 Games

These are the Action52 games we can tolerate the most, both on the Genesis and on the NES.

The Top Ten

1 1st game (Genesis)

It's pong! Really, it is! And pong was a great game. No improvements to the graphics, but at least we have a game that we can actually love. Out of 52 games on the Genesis, this port is where the people should go if they must play Action52. - imacg4

2 Star Ball (Genesis)

This is a nice variation on pinball. It's like normal pinball, but the ball must collect all the green spheres to finish. The physics for the flippers could be improved, though. - imacg4

3 Echo (Genesis)

Echo is a version of Simon Says for the Genesis. It's nothing special. All that's different is that it has diamonds. It's decent, but if you have Simon Says, it's pointless. - imacg4

4 Mouse Trap (Genesis)

It's like Pac-Man, but you play as a mouse, avoiding cats and collecting cheese. It's pretty addicting, so once you start playing, it's hard to stop. It is pretty decent, but there's still room for improvement. - imacg4

5 Paratrooper (Genesis)

Like Mouse Trap, it's a Pac-Man clone, but you can shoot things. Also, there's some pace balance, so you don't have to worry about pace balancing issues. - imacg4

6 Freeway (Genesis)

It's a port of the classic Atari 2600 game from Activision to the Genesis. It's a pretty decent port, but instead of a chicken, you're a dog, and if you get run over, you don't just get run over--you get smashed into pieces! - imacg4

7 Critical Bypass (Snes)

SNES? The SNES version wasn't even released! - NikBrusk

8 Alfredo (Nes)
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