Top Ten Best Action 52 Games

These are the Action52 games we can tolerate the most, both on the Genesis and on the NES.

The Top Ten

1 1st game (Genesis)

It's pong! Really, it is! And pong was a great game. No improvements to the graphics, but at least we have a game that we can actually love. Out of 52 games on the Genesis, this port is where the people should go if they must play Action52. - imacg4

2 Star Ball (Genesis)

This is a nice variation on pinball. It's like normal pinball, but the ball must collect all the green spheres to finish. The physics for the flippers could be improved, though. - imacg4

3 Echo (Genesis)

Echo is a version of Simon Says for the Genesis. It's nothing special. All that's different is that it has diamonds. It's decent, but if you have Simon Says, it's pointless. - imacg4

4 Mouse Trap (Genesis)

It's like Pac-Man, but you play as a mouse, avoiding cats and collecting cheese. It's pretty addicting, so once you start playing, it's hard to stop. It is pretty decent, but there's still room for improvement. - imacg4

5 Paratrooper (Genesis)

Like Mouse Trap, it's a Pac-Man clone, but you can shoot things. Also, there's some pace balance, so you don't have to worry about pace balancing issues. - imacg4

6 Freeway (Genesis)

It's a port of the classic Atari 2600 game from Activision to the Genesis. It's a pretty decent port, but instead of a chicken, you're a dog, and if you get run over, you don't just get run over--you get smashed into pieces! - imacg4

7 Critical Bypass (Snes)
8 Alfredo (Nes)
9 The Haunted Halls of Wentworth

You play as an unnamed red haired woman with big Boob's wearing a red komodo shooting crucifixes at ghosts and giant spiders in a castle where one hit can kill you and send you back to the beginning no matter which of the three levels you're on. I'm guessing her name is Marylou, the girlfriend of Billy Bob from another Action 52 game also called Billy Bob.

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