Top Ten Most Action-Filled Mario Levels

Those are the mario levels Were a lot of things happens. Not necessarely difficult, but really annoying.

The Top Ten

1 Champion's Road - Super Mario 3D World

Definitely the hardest mario levels. A LOT of stuff is going on. It's not the last level for anything. Insanely impossible level, nothing less. (It's from super mario 3d world) - Mog

2 Tubular - Super Mario World

Many ennemies block your path. Be ready to cry and rage-quit at this super mario world level. (super mario world) - Mog

3 The Perfect Run - Super Mario Galaxy 2

THE perfect run. Out of many people, this IS the hardest level ever. It might be, but for the only reason that, guess what, there are lots of things happening! Sad that it's from super mario galaxy 2, my favourite game. (mario galaxy 2) - Mog

4 Corona Mountain - Super Mario Sunshine

Too much insta-kill obstacles. I maybe have overrated this star, but the level is definitely the hardest star from the super mario sunshine. (super mario sunshine) - Mog

5 Fire Ball Sprint - Super Luigi Bros U

YEAH! Everywhere, fire balls! Too much fire! (Super luigi bros U! ) - Mog

6 Don't Touch Anything - New Super Mario Bros.U

Another wii U challenge! This time, your goal is not to touch to any of the many obtacles. No coins, no lakitu, no blocks...maybe blocks are ok...(super mario bros U) - Mog

7 C-3 - Super Mario Bros, the Lost Levels

Every piece for make you throw your console across the room: Wind, lakitus, springs, small platforms, AAARG! (Lost level) is truly a hard game! - Mog

8 8-Boat - Super Mario Bros 3

A mario bros 3 raging experience. Fast speed, lots of montymoles and other...(mario bros 3) - Mog

9 Luigi's Purple Coin Chaos - Super Mario Galaxy 2

Poochy ain't stupid and the pachinko levels are maybe hard, but nothing beats the cosmic clones, time, coins, sinking water, and unforgiving star from (mario galaxy 2) - Mog

10 Blast to the Lonely Mushroom - Super Mario 64

Shoot yourself from a canon to the famous mushroom. You need to reach the canon AND the bomb-omb. This level is stupid. Probably because of the controls of (super mario 64) - Mog

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