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261 Vantage Point
262 Non-Stop V 1 Comment
263 3 Days to Kill
264 Red 2

Superb film. Each actor brings the most amazing talent... - BLANE

265 V for Vendetta

Brilliant Brilliant Brilliant - BLANE

It's one of the best movies that I ever seen. shoul be on a top place

266 On the Job
267 The Bourne Legacy
268 The Fast and the Furious
269 Taken 3
270 The Expendables 3

The best of the 3. The finale is just a WAY TO GO! type for an action movie! - Neonco31

271 Showdown In Little Tokyo

I love this movie. Dolph Lundgren and Brandon Lee make a great team and the whole movie is kick ass! Definitely one of my favorite action movies of all time!

272 Bloodsport

This is a kickass movie, and it's based on actual events. This movie deserves more recognition!

273 Delta Force 2: The Colombian Connection

Billy Drago and Chuck Norris are great in this movie. Both great actors! Billy Drago is great at the antagonist. He can play any role!

274 Ninja III: The Domination
275 Mad Max
276 Tombstone

The best grouping of actors, action, and dialogue ever! Val Kilmer is a genius in this film!

277 The Fugitve
278 Speed Racer
279 The Lost World: Jurassic Park
280 Jurassic Park III
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