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41 Enter the Dragon

Bruce Lee at his prime and some brilliant fight sequences make this film a must-watch. A cult classic!

"It is like a finger pointing the way to the moon, don't concertrate on the finger or you will miss all that heavenly glory"

To try and put any movie ahead of ENTER THE DRAGON is almost like saying TotalLY LUDICROUS

Its good because its free my mind

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42 The Departed

One of the best action/thriller movies

It's a great action movie..

43 Boondock Saints

How is this movie so low on the list one of the most iconic movies of all time everyone knows this movie

BLOODY AWESOME FILM one of my favorites kicks ass probs because I'm part Irish and they just shoot up everyone

44 Robocop

Awesome movie... Wait where's the other RoboCop movie it was also good too

45 First Blood

The complete series is awesome no movie can compete with the series.

46 Ben-Hur

It's an oldie, but man is it a goodie! This movie is a classic. - heather

Old is Gold, No one can make this kind of movie, Particularly that Race, No words to describe

One of the 3 movies which won 11 oscars - zxm

47 Braveheart

Great movie it is heart touching mel gibson done a excellant job in this movie

48 The Expendables 2

Why in rank 20? This movie is perfect, cool, and at least top 5
With Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Arnold Schwarzenneger, Bruce Willis, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Dolph Lundgren, Jet Li, and of course CHUCK NORRIS!. This movie sequels just great too. And the next movie with Nicholas Cage, Wesley Snipes, and maybe Steven Seagal and Mel Gibson too!. The fight action in this movie just great too, Sly Vs Van Damme, Jason Statham Vs Scott Adkins, and just great to see Chuck Norris with his king cobra jokes!

The expendables is the best film in the univers (bandit)

49 Pulp Fiction

I looked at imdb and saw that it was so high up and I'm thinking wha...? Then, one friday night I watched it and it overtook the Dark Knight to become my favorite film of all! I'd never thought I'd be a fan of John Travolta... Until now!

REAL MEN - this is THE action movie. Are you gonna let Transformers and all that other crap outrank this classic?

A great movie in general. If you haven't seen it, make it your next Friday night movie.

Do you call this a "movie". This is worst story, insane conversations don't ever think of watching this. Real waste of time.

I said, does he look like a bitch?

50 Speed

Easily Keanu Reeves best acting role (which is unfortunately still a bit cheesy and amateurish), Speed delivers one of the most intense thrillers ever contructed. Every exchange of words is filled with an appropriate amount of tension, and the film's villain Howard Payne rivals Die Hards Hans Gruber as the most diabolical terrorist in the action movie genre. - montreal45

Great classic action movie that helped define an era. Sure, Keanu didn't quite have the acting chops but Hopper and Bullock made up for that with the appeal and power of their performances. This defined the 90s action movie. I wish they still made action movies like this.

What I love about speed is the fact that every character is likeable and it's a movie that everyone can love. All of the action it has and my 60 year old mother loves it as much as I do!

Dark knight is the best action movie ever but this is really good to

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51 Live Free or Die Hard

Action means car chase, explotion, loud noise and of course some kick ass!

This movie provides all, I love this movie a lot, I watched it for many2 times.. I like all Die hard series too, and Matrix was even nice, but you all choose Gladiator for 1st?
I bet many Chicks are here, eh?


52 Desperado
53 Ong Bak

Tony Jaa does what others can only pretend to do, with wires and special effects.

He's jaw-dropping.

Tony Jaa is simply an comparable and upcoming actor... he is a perfect mua thigh fighter who don't need too much of a computer work... anyone can wait a year for his new release

I like ong bak movie, so when the new one ong bak movie will come. I hope the good one action will come. Thank

Amen. he is like the son of jackie chan, Bruce lee and chuck norris. - louiethefly

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54 The Rock

Great story great cast. Fantastic soundtrack. A bit of humor as well all the ingredients for a brilliant film

Nick cage and sean connery amazing

Good film to watch don't miss this

This one should be a lot higher on the list. very exciting, sean connery plays an amazingly perfect action character

55 Alien vs. Predator
56 X-Men: First Class
57 Jurassic World

Way better than the force awakens

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58 Yojimbo
59 Godzilla (2014)
60 Kingsman: The Secret Service

Great Choreographies, Great Filming and editing. What more do you want?

These 5 minutes in church is enough for this masterpiece to be in top 10

The church scene, the bloody CHURCH SCENE.

Great movie I mean just looki at the church scen and the mother being controlled to kill her own child I mean come on that's action and who can forager when the heads were blowing up to a theme tune

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