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141 Mission Impossible II

how this is movie isn't listed?
Thandie newton and Tom cruise make it all.. don't comment, just watch!

142 Independence Day

This is super violent. Way more violent than Avatar.

143 Thor
144 Transporter 3
145 Romeo Must Die
146 The Tournament

Criminally underrated and overlooked film! Amazing fight scenes - real non-stop Action Blockbuster. Kelly Hu, Robert Carlyleand Ian Somerhalder were impressive - AtlasUniverse

147 Moonraker
148 The Mask of Zorro
149 X-Men Origins: Wolverine
150 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
151 300: Rise of an Empire
152 Friday the 13th V 1 Comment
153 The Patriot

Different kind of action than the modern day gun-slinging or martial-arts movie, but give Mel Gibson and rifle and a tomahawk, and you are in for a treat. - heather

154 John Wick: Chapter 2

The best movie ever I seen

This is my favourite movie. It’s action-packed, beyond thrilling, intense, and surprisingly emotional for a movie this violent and bloody. This should of been one of the highest in the top ten. Sure the action may be a little too glamorized or brutal (it’s, in a way more, violent than the raid), but that’s just part of the fun

155 The Punisher

MY ALL TIME FAVORITE MOVIE! I voted for gladiator because I didn't see this but then I scroled more and found it ):

This is not revenge. It is punishment. If you havnt heard of it, its basically about a fbi agent who on his last mission killed a guy who worked for a evil company. This leads into revenge from the company and a lot of things happen. You should watch, because it was amazing.

156 No Escape
157 Bad Boys II

Was no body paying attention during Hot Fuzz? - Tbog009

158 Logan
159 Behind Enemy Lines
160 Smokin' Aces

This IS the best action movie of all time. An all star cast and everyone was in roles that were outside of their acting genre. The action was top notch, and the director was at the top of his game with a storyline that kept you engaged and an ending that made you emotional. Case and point... Best... Action... Movie... EVER.

One of the best action movies of all time. awesome sniper attack

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