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161 Kill Bill, Volume 2

I'm glad The Bride gets even with Bill and his assassins for what they did to her. Serves them right.

This is a classic. Framed for a murder they did not commit, they have to fight to get home. I love this movie. One of the best in the world!

162 American Gangster
163 30 Days Of Night
164 Broken Arrow
165 Dogs
166 Alien
167 Gone in 60 Seconds
168 The Matrix Revolutions
169 Mission Impossible III

Ethan Hunt is the best. - MissionImpossible

170 Infernal Affairs
171 Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice

I just wrote a comment in one of the lists that people put movies that are good in the worst movies list and put movies that suck in the best movies. Trust me, even The dark knight is in the worst movies of all time.

172 City on Fire

Average action movie having some great action sequences.

Overall good.

173 Underworld - Evolution
174 Eagle Eye

Very good movie! 8/10

175 Jumper

Terrific movie awesome action nice story and like to watch movie twice

176 Revenge
177 Enemy at the Gates

This is the best war movie ever made. Truly, and only film where I liked Jude Law a bit.

178 Furious 7

This fast & furious movie is the best one

I seriously love this kind of movies

179 G.I. Joe: Retaliation
180 Suicide Squad

The worst after school special ever. Sure the 5 year old's will like it because it may as well be a children's movie rated G. All of the acting and cast sucked, really dropped the ball. A sad excuse for a film. - BLANE

One of the worst most horribly done movies ever - BLANE

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