Top 10 Active NFL Head Coaches of 2019 Who Have Not Won a Super Bowl

Winning a Super Bowl isn’t just the players it’s also the coaches who help get them there. However there’s still some coaches who haven’t won the big game yet. Here’s some of those coaches. NOTE: This list was made prior to the 2019 season so keep that in mind before you say anything about them retiring or finally winning a Super Bowl

The Top Ten

1 Andy Reid Andy Reid Andrew Walter Reid is an American football coach who is the current head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs of the National Football League. Reid was previously the head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles, a position he held from 1999 to 2012.

Patriots fan here: I can't respect Andy Reid enough. Whatever team he is on does very well. If we don't win I'd like the Chiefs to win for his sake. - GeneralJP

Andy Reid is an absolute mastermind on offense. He’s a guy that can lead a team to respectability and make the playoffs. Only problem is his teams usually crumble and choke the games away. It makes you feel kinda bad for the guy. He has 207 total wins as a coach after the 2018 season which is the most of any coach not to win a championship - Randomator

2 Sean McVay Sean McVay

Sean McVay is another young mastermind on offense. While he did make the Super Bowl in 2018 the Rams had an absolute dud. He was hired by the Rams in 2017 and is the youngest coach in the league. He deserves a ring at some point but he has plenty of time to get one - Randomator

3 Anthony Lynn Anthony Lynn

Anthony Lynn is a decent coach seeing as he brought the Chargers back to respectability. There’s a bunch of talent on this Chargers squad entering 2019. He might just win a championship soon - Randomator

4 Frank Reich Frank Reich

He took over in 2018 and man he led the Colts to respectability. Andrew Luck was completely reformed. And the entire team just got better as the season progressed. He’s a guy who will have a long career with Indy - Randomator

5 Matt Nagy Matt Nagy

He had an impressive first year taking a team from the basement at 5-11 to 12-4 and division champions. Who knows how far they would have gone if it wasn’t for mr Double Doink - Randomator

6 Mike Zimmer Mike Zimmer Michael Zimmer is an American football coach. He is currently the head coach of the Minnesota Vikings of the National Football League.

Zimmer has been decent for the Vikings. Not great seeing as he only has two playoff appearances and a 1-2 record but he’s alright as head coach. But let’s be honest he’s not winning a Super Bowl anytime soon in Minnesota - Randomator

7 Dan Quinn

Yeah I know that he choked in Super Bowl LI but he’s still a respectable coach but let’s be honest he’s not gonna get any closer to getting a ring than 28-3 - Randomator

8 Bruce Arians Bruce Arians

That’s right Arians is back in business. He turned Arizona into a decent team let’s see how he does with the Bucs. Honestly I don’t see him winning a ring in Tampa. Not with Jamies Winston - Randomator

9 Ron Rivera Ron Rivera Ronald Eugene "Ron" Rivera is an American football coach and former player who is the head coach of the Carolina Panthers of the National Football League.

He had his chance in Super Bowl 50 but couldn’t get it done. Now the Panthers are looking at a decline after going from 6-2 to 7-9. Newton might be done pretty soon. Let’s see what happens - Randomator

10 Bill O'Brien Bill O'Brien

This guy might be on the hot seat. Sure he’s led Houston to decency but he’s 0-3 in the playoffs so far. They need to fix that O line and fast - Randomator

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