Top Ten Activities That Should Become Sports


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1 Dodge Ball V 1 Comment
2 Capture the Flag

They should make this a sport good list - 2storm

Yeah, this would be cool!

3 Krab Soccer
4 Arrows and Victims

4-8 people shoot arrows and the rest runs away until every one is out - Bicsess

5 Power War

Let the people put on a suit that shows how much life the person have and give them new ability's and every one has there own special power and weapons and hold huge tournaments in a arena or in the field

You know what I mean - Bicsess

6 Laser Tag

This should be a sport and this should have world Championships and tournament - Bicsess

7 Water Guns
8 Survival Quest
9 Go to a Chosen Journey

Ex: facing volcanos, hurricanes, lions and more and travel to you quest fully - Bicsess

10 Hoverboard

Do tricks and enter tournaments on you Hoverboard - Bicsess

Thankfully my hoverboard didn't explode - Jordansalesguy2392

The Contenders

11 Tiddlywinks With Manhole Covers
12 Kickball
13 Zombie Tag
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1. Dodge Ball
2. Capture the Flag
3. Krab Soccer
1. Hoverboard
2. Krab Soccer
3. Laser Tag



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