Best Actors for Marvel's Dr. Strange

With this movie to pop up in due time, who should play it?

The Top Ten

Benedict Cumberbatch Benedict Timothy Carlton Cumberbatch is an English actor and film producer who has performed in film, television, theatre and radio.
Liam Neeson Liam John Neeson, OBE is an actor from Northern Ireland. In 1976, he joined the Lyric Players' Theatre in Belfast for two years. He then acted in the Arthurian film, Excalibur.

Yea He Played Ra's Al Ghal, but man he is perfect for this part. Dr. Strange doesn't do that much action movement, so a 60 year old Liam Neeson would still be able to play the part into the future. - LetsBeReal

Johnny Depp John Christopher "Johnny" Depp II is an American actor, producer, and musician. He has won the Golden Globe Award and Screen Actors Guild Award for Best Actor. His role in a movie is often rather big. His character is often on the "loopy side" and his character being in a darker state of mind, etc.

This Man can play any role and it is serious. - LetsBeReal

Edward Norton Edward Harrison Norton is an American actor, filmmaker and activist. He has been nominated for three Academy Awards for his work in the films Primal Fear, American History X and Birdman.

After playing the Illusionist he seems to be perfect for the part. - LetsBeReal

Hugh Laurie James Hugh Calum Laurie, is an English actor, writer, director, musician, singer, comedian, and author.
Skeet Ulrich
Wes Bentley

Just a lil trim of the eye brows to make him look less of his natural villain look and he could do something well with this role. - LetsBeReal

Patrick Dempsey Patrick Galen Dempsey is an American actor and racing driver, best known for his role as neurosurgeon Derek "McDreamy" Shepherd in Grey's Anatomy.
Liam Hemsworth Liam Hemsworth is an Australian actor. He played the role of Josh Taylor in the soap opera Neighbours and as Marcus on the children's television series The Elephant Princess.

Not Thor... But his little brother. Throw a Black Goatee on him never be able to tell. The man is a young star and could shine through the years if the film is a big success. - LetsBeReal

This wouldn't work. Doc Strange looks nothing like Thor, so you couldn't have two very identical brothers playing both - Catception

Ashton Kutcher

Yea he usually plays the funny roles but after JOBS you can see the he can be a serious actor. - LetsBeReal

The Contenders

Mark Wahlberg Mark Robert Michael Wahlberg is an American actor, producer, businessman, former model, rapper, and songwriter.

STAR POWER. Don't See why not unless they are saving him for someone like Cable - LetsBeReal

Kevin Ryan

I think Kevin is probably the most qualified actor to play Dr. Strange. He looks the part (just slap on a little makeup to age him a little), he knows more about the role than most of the actors out there, and he is very capable of playing complicated roles, as shown by his portrayal of Francis Maguire in Copper.

He played an 1860's New York Detective in "Copper". His character was good then bad then good again and he will be great for this role! - CopperRobynn

Greetings All, Kevin Ryan would be the only one to play this role! A new and talent who would bring it all to Dr. Strange!

He would be perfect for the role. He almost looks like he stepped out of the pages and is a life long reader of Marvel.

Kevin J Ryan II

Is the only one who would be Absolutely Perfect in this role. Talent, good looks and can easily age with the character as I am sure there will be sequels. :-)

He's a contender and he's got the look and the skills to pull it off! PLUS... He's Irish! - CopperRobynn

Kevin is a versatile actor with great talent and headed for stardom. He would be way better than anyone listed here. Do a Google search Kevin Ryan as Dr. Strange and there are some great pix that pop up. He LOOKS the part! - CopperRobynn

Just so you know, 'kevin ryan" and Kevin J Ryan II are the same person.

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