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101 R. Madhavan V 2 Comments
102 Nani

India may have above 84 actors but none is equal to nani at handsome point of view

Nani is a natural actor of Indian cinema

He is an versatile actor ever in telugu industry... No one can act like nani now... In South India... An awesome actor for South India... No one can beat him... All credits goes to nani... He is as simple as such... He is like us as a common man... Nani u keep moving bro... Love you always... U will have our support... All the way... Never discourage your self... We all with U... Be natural...and be like us... Don't be show off... As such your not...

V 3 Comments
103 Upendra

He is one of the brilliant and greatest actor and director...

Number 1director in one can match his direction.. A great actor

He is a wanderfull director I have seen in this days and he is also my best ever director and acter

V 8 Comments
104 Prasenjit Chatterjee

He is the best actor of bengali Cinema

V 2 Comments
105 M. G. Ramachandran M. G. Ramachandran Marudur Gopalan Ramachandran (17 January 1917 – 24 December 1987), popularly known as MGR, was an Indian actor. He is regarded as one of the most influential actors of the Tamil film industry. He dominated Tamil Film Industry for three decades as a Super Star after M.K.Thaygaraja Bhagavathar. He made more.

Please place him in number 1 position

Why you have placed on 72nd as you said he legends of Legend and he has to be placed number 1 position always plays do chage

The one and only Hero can be called Ever Green Hero Stars star & Legends Legends is Called MGR the Fan base what he has is not matchable to any Hero THAT TOO HE IS PASSED AWAY IN 1987, the who;e Tamil nadu peoples have a dedicated a palce in their heart for this greatest LEGEND THE M G R

V 2 Comments
106 Jeet

Good looks, good looks, good looks. Bengali cinema is now a gof stars. God help us.

V 5 Comments
107 Siddarth Malhotra V 6 Comments
108 Nandamuri Balakrishna

Legend actor in Kannada film industry

After chiru next best on that generation in telugu is balayya

Hello Boss,

He is Telugu actor fondly called by NBK...please make some standard and he is number 1 son of Sr.NTRalong with Mega star Chiranjeevi.

State ina country ina national ina inter national ina nandamuri balaya babu diginanthavarukea jay balaya jay jay balaya

V 5 Comments
109 Anubhav Mohanty V 3 Comments
110 Rajkummar Rao

Super star of India

King in Indian cinema

111 Sooraj Pancholi
112 Gautam Gulati

Super star devendra yadav big fan of gautam gulati

Most handsome super star in world

Gautam winner of most popular season of bigg boss

Super star gautam gulati

V 40 Comments
113 Jisshu Sengupta V 1 Comment
114 Akhil Akkineni

Best dancer like allu arjun, but need to improve action

UP coming number 1 hero in India he s/o akkineni nagarjuna great tollywood actor

V 2 Comments
115 Arindam Roy V 1 Comment
116 Srinivasan

He is Man of Power... POwer Star is the Power for Indian Cinema... He is the Future of Indian Cinema...
No Tomorrow Cinema With out his Acting & Films...

He is a versatile hero no one can compare with him different verity of acting he is on on the legen in Tamil cinema.. He is even better then rajni and vijay what a natural acting... Wow

117 Bharath V 2 Comments
118 Arjun Sarja

Best actor of Tamil, Kannada and Telugu

V 1 Comment
119 Manoj Bajpayee

Best actor but not utilised by Bollywood properly

Very good actor of Bollywood

120 Sunil Shetty

He is also a good actor!

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