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121 Srinivasan

He is Man of Power... POwer Star is the Power for Indian Cinema... He is the Future of Indian Cinema...
No Tomorrow Cinema With out his Acting & Films...

He is a versatile hero no one can compare with him different verity of acting he is on on the legen in Tamil cinema.. He is even better then rajni and vijay what a natural acting... Wow

122 Bharath Bharath

My favorite


123 Srinath
124 Rishabh Sinha V 13 Comments
125 Arjun Sarja

Best actor of Tamil, Kannada and Telugu

He is the mass action hero

126 Shashi Kapoor

He is the stylish man who ever

127 Kunchacko Boban V 1 Comment
128 Indrajith Sukumaran

Indrajith is a versatile actor in Malayalam films. He has immense potential to act in any role. Classmates, Meesha Madhavan etc portrayed his quality acting in different roles.

129 Parambrata

With awesome screen presence and versatility, he'll surely take Bengali Cinema to great heights.

130 Atharvaa V 1 Comment
131 Honey Singh

Because he is a awesome singer

Yo yo Honey Singh u are v best singer,I like you

132 Suraj Venjaramoodu
133 Sadhu Kokila

Good comedian in Kannada film Industries

134 Makrand Anaspure
135 Ali Quli Mirza V 2 Comments
136 Pritam Singh

He is a generous man... Having an awesome sense of humor

V 4 Comments
137 Sathyan
138 Suresh Gopi

He is the action king in malayalam cinema

Super star of mollywood

139 Puneeth Rajkumar

Great dancer and fighter no one can do fights like him in India

Really he is a excellent actor & dancer in south India...

Punith raj kumar is the best actor in the Kannada film industry and all over the India.

Nice actor &heartly person

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140 Raj Kumar

Dude he is the best best best actor of all time. His ability to get transformed into character is just fabulous.
He is not just a versatile actor he also a extra ordinary singer who have got national award for the song naadamaya.
His acting skills are the best.
No one can beat him.
You should watch his babruvahana, mayura, krishnadevaraya all are extremly wonderful, aft seeing those you will definitely start wondering "howa person can person historical characters so well"

One of the Greatest Indian ACTORS Ever. Among the likes of Amitabh Bachchan, Kamal Hassan, Dilip kumar, NTR & a few others, one can easily notice his superior & versatile talent. He is the epitome of Method acting & perfection. His singing is as epic as his acting (trained in theatre & classical music from a tender age of 7).

Super actor and peak of acting. No words to describe his acting and singing skills.

No one in indian cinema did the verstile acting what he did so far.. he did all kind of commercial,historic,comedy,thriller,family oriented movies... did amithab bachan did any of the historic movies? I don't knw bro... his acting,singing,dialogue delivery,clarity in his voice,prounciation,body language,handsomeness no one can match... one of the best actor in the world...
go and watch his movies u got knw...? don't disrespect a great legend through this website without doing any research... u knw what your top 1 actor rajinikanth took a autograph from rajkumar...

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