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141 Raj Kumar

Dude he is the best best best actor of all time. His ability to get transformed into character is just fabulous.
He is not just a versatile actor he also a extra ordinary singer who have got national award for the song naadamaya.
His acting skills are the best.
No one can beat him.
You should watch his babruvahana, mayura, krishnadevaraya all are extremly wonderful, aft seeing those you will definitely start wondering "howa person can person historical characters so well"

One of the Greatest Indian ACTORS Ever. Among the likes of Amitabh Bachchan, Kamal Hassan, Dilip kumar, NTR & a few others, one can easily notice his superior & versatile talent. He is the epitome of Method acting & perfection. His singing is as epic as his acting (trained in theatre & classical music from a tender age of 7).

Super actor and peak of acting. No words to describe his acting and singing skills.

No one in indian cinema did the verstile acting what he did so far.. he did all kind of commercial,historic,comedy,thriller,family oriented movies... did amithab bachan did any of the historic movies? I don't knw bro... his acting,singing,dialogue delivery,clarity in his voice,prounciation,body language,handsomeness no one can match... one of the best actor in the world...
go and watch his movies u got knw...? don't disrespect a great legend through this website without doing any research... u knw what your top 1 actor rajinikanth took a autograph from rajkumar...

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142 Sudeep

He is extra ordinary actor of kannada movies. He has great talent of getting into depth of character and acting.
He is not just a actor awesome director also. His films like "eega" "my autograph" "shantinivasa" are just fantastic.

He gives his best all the time in his career. He can do any type of movie. He captures the moment.

He is just awesome no voice of new generation heros of south India can beat his

A boon to Kannada industry...

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143 N. T. Rama Rao Jr.

He is the best actor in south India. Best classical dancer too. He can do any type of role.

He is number one he can dance and his dialogues are the best he can dialogues with high intensity in it

He is an example for multi-talented hero in the Indian film industry and for him anything is possible. Especially according to dance and dialogue delivery he deserves for number 1 in the Indian film industry

NTR is best actor in tollyhood and his altimate dancer in India - NTR

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144 Prabhas

I love darling prabhas so much because he was hand some hero in tollywood. He is the rebel star. He is the smart looking and best actor in tollywood

He is number 1 hero in tolly wood because
1. Action is good
2. Height-6.2
3. Weight-present 125 kgs
4. Handsome and fit
5. Look like perfect man
6. Good character
7. He can kick any 1 in tollywood

Cute guy in tollywood. I love his smile. He is very nice. I watch prabhas movies only

Best hero in tollywood,Baahubali,my favorite movie.

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145 Silambarasan Silambarasan Silambarasan is an Indian film Actor director, producer and singer, who works mainly in the Tamil film industry.

He is beautiful dancer and talented actor

He is the only multi talented young actor in Tamil industry.. No movies fa 2 years still he didn loose his single fan..

Most talented, one who can do any scene in single take.. He gonna rock Indian cinema, he gonna rule the world with his love anthem.. ! We all are waiting.. !

AYM mass cop getup

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146 Ram Charan

In future he is the number 1 hero in india

He is the heir of mega star Chiranjeevi and he is the number one hero rather than Mahesh babu

Charan sir good hard worker, good dancer, actor.

He ia hard worker

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147 Darshan

The ring of the king and in south India

He is a real challenging star in kannada industry

Handsome and classy hunk in sandalwood can't be compared to any one because no one can match him

Highest hero in all basis in kannada films

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148 Shivrajkumar

Legend in kannada Film industry

The king in Indian cinema

Number 1 actor in sandalwood industry

Energetic star

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149 Madan Mohan
150 Shahid Kapoor

He is the a good actor and best dancer in india

Most Under Rated Actor Ever!
He is the Best actor in India. #1 Dancer, Perfect Body, talented.
He should be in Top10! - RoadsideRomeo

Try to make films like jab we met

Should be in top ten

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151 Amjad Khan

One should see his acting in Sholay. One of the best performances in history.

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152 Brahmanandan

He is the best comedy actor ever in my opinion

The best comedian of telugu industry

He is best comedian of all he is the comedy king of all he, s best comedy in nuvvunakkunachavvu movie

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153 Gopichand

He is versatile actor. He is the best

Gopi chand is great actor

154 Duniya Vijay

Action king in kannada industry

Is actoin will be super

155 Paresh Rawal

How is he not here? Not just comedy, his normal acting is also brilliant!

156 Prashant Shrivastava

The web world is such a crap you see that here sk comes at 2nd and naseer comes somewhere below 25th... And the greatest actors like Sadhu mehar, Prashant Shrivastava did not find place. I think no body understands what acting actually is. they should learn from satyadev dubey's biography etc.

157 Gippy Grewal Gippy Grewal Rupinder Singh Grewal, commonly known as Gippy Grewal, is a Punjabi actor, singer-songwriter and film director.
158 Rocky Jadav
159 Himansh Kohli

He is cute charming as well as a good actor.

160 Rajendra Prasad

One of the best comedians of telugu cinema



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