Best Actors From Kannada Cinema

In the span of 75 years Kannada cinema has seen many talented and versatile actors (some are no more). Here is the list of actors whom I personally feel they deserve respect from people of Karnataka and India.

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21 Sadhu Kokila

One and only music director who acted as best comedian in kannada film industry

Charlie Chaplin of Kannada industry

Very wonderful comedian, singer, musicdirector, director. I am very big fan of you sir

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22 Prabhakar

The incredible hulk of Karnataka

Do u know sandle wood tiger.tiger.tiger.tiger.

23 Ganesh

I don't like his latest films

Good actors he is a hero in sandalwood because of his talent without anybodys support

24 Bullet Prakash

He is outstanding actor forever

25 Jaggesh

Super actor and best entertainer

26 Diganth

You are movies r super but this peoples r don't have a taste

I like your dimple but I hate your recent films

I love you'r every movie's don't worry I will which u r every movies hit r flop

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27 N. T. Rama Rao Jr.

A1 star whole India

Best dancer best dailog delivery box office ka naya badshah

He high talented extremely top permormer. In India no one estimate his acting dance and diloug dilivary

Young tiger ntr tollwod thaliva he is very talented dancer and more fans following he is youth icon he is like a tiger his films industry hit are std no1 and simhadri yamadonga nannaku prematho and janath garage in Karnataka he have more fans and Andhra Pradesh he is a Telugu in Japan after rajini kanth ntr have more craze I love sooo much ntr

28 Sri Murali

His acting skills awesome specially in Ugramm movie and I am a big fan from Bangladesh

Super Man & Good Human Being... : )

Now He is the sandalwood king

Ugramm,his best movie and he is the best trend setter in sandalwood mafti also one of his best film

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29 Rakshit Shetty

I like his movie selection.. Acting skills are too good..

He is a fabulous actor in kannada

He is very versatile and talented.

super star

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30 Kichha Sudeep

Kannada dalliance most talented and re a du sudeep

First first first first first sudeeep

Hi is very tilent hero

31 Chetan Kumar

I like it your movi and I lke u

32 Lokesh

He is best in "Buthayanna maga ayyu" and "Parasangada gendethimma". We wish many talented actors like him will be reborn in Karnataka and shine in Kannada cinema soon. We miss you Lokesh sir.

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33 Loose Mada

One and only best actor of kannada industry

The one and only hero of kannada industry

My favorite hero Loose maada yogesh sir. Super dance & super acting in kannada industry

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34 Rajesh

Very down to earth actor. Whether it is lead or a supporting role he always did gave his 102% attention.

35 Sharan

He became mainstream hero after acting in nearly 100 movies as part time comedian and showed he just belong to that group with 4 back to back hits

He was a very talented..

Sharan sir u r awesome and the best.

Kannada jagathina comedy star

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36 Dhruva Sarja

I like u movie

37 Devaraj

He is good actor in kannada films... His acting style like dynamic.. Angry look given amazing thrill to audience

38 Harish Kumar
39 Arjun Sarja

First man to show six packs

40 Bharath Bharath
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