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21 Silambarasan Rajendar

He can be anything such as director, actor, dancer, singer, lyricist and even more.. He is one of most talented actor in Tamil film industry.. He is a multi-talented star..

Str anna Is best dancer and play back singer Tamil cinema all rounder

He is the talented person in the Tamil movies.. STR come on we are there for you.

Most talented actor,

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22 Dr. Rajkumar

One of the greatest actors in India. He is called as the father of south Indian cinema. He is the first Indian bond. He is well described other actors like rajinikanth, amithabh bachacnn etc...

He s the born actor, good dancer, his 90% films r 100days he never saw flop n s carrier. No one can beat him in kfi.

The greatest actor since the birth of Indian cinema. Only Indian actor to receive Kentucky


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23 Sivakarthikeyan

He is funny and a very good entertainer.LOVE you SIVA

He going to rule the future Tamil Cinema

The good entertainer and super actor.

Anna... you proved your talent na..rocking performance... We love you anna...

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24 Jiiva

He is so handsome and charming for me compare with other're my idol jeeva..keep up the good work..I'm kris from the Philippines..

Hi iam sonali avishetty I love jeeva so much he is most handsome guy and my dream boy

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25 Dr. Vishnuvardan

All hero's must learn acting from Dada Dr. Vishnuvardhan, he is the one real HERO. Vishnu sir your great...

One of the greatest actor Indian cinema even seen...

None of the actors are comparative to vishnu, He is handsome, versatile & stylish, superb voice more than all a super human being

Kannada film evergreen stylish actor

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26 Ravi Teja

He's the best man we will ever see not so much fans at present but his talent.he came by himself to the industry not like vijay whos afther was a producer, not like sury whos father was a actor, not like ram charan whos father was was mega star and not like allu arhun whos father is a producer, not like pawn kalyan whos brother was mega star, all talented people come by there own like rajinni, sharukh khan who did not have any background but now have the most fans, ravi teja has enormous talent with superb films like idiot, autograph, amma nana o tamil ammay, krishna, vikramakudu, krishna, don seenu, mirapakai, and lots more to tel.wish he gets his fans back. I'm with ravi teja

He's the man.i love you has superb movies the best man the telugu industry has at present love you ravi teja

He has super comedy timing as well as action. He can dance well.

This is cheating he is the rank of 10-12 - pavankumar11

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27 Ram Pothineni

He's the stylish and the most energetic star He is incomparable with other actors in south india. Although he is very young in compare to other actor, he has been able to accomplish

He is stylish and energetic star

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28 Nagarjuna

Nagarjuna had a huge mass and class following for the crores of people


He is awesome actor in tollywood not only in telugu whole industry
And stylish and handsome hero

He is the KING of Tollywood. And most handsome person in the industry. He is encouraged so many of new comers. And he has helping nature also. And I am sure that he is the greatest person for South Indian Cinema. Thank You.

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29 Venkatesh

Venky... A all time great hero.. He has got a lots and lots off talent in acting.. He can do and compete with each and every role.. His face expressions are well behaved and changed.., according to time and sence.. He can easily fit to comedy roles.. Seriousness and action... That shows and makes a difference of others from venky...

Venky sir is one of the best best actor in Telugu film industry his movies can't get bore if you seen so many times also I will hats of to you sir...

Best actor in Tollywood in his genration and very good person

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30 Vijay Sethupathi

EXCELLENT character selection makes him GREAT hero in Tamil. He is next to KAMALHASSAN and AJITH

Its not because he is a thala fan (well, I actually hate thala) its because of his superb and natural acting skills and his way of choosing movies

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31 Karthi

Ajith is 1995 Chocolate boy. Karthi 201. Chocolate boy

Be pray for karthi comes to big hero

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32 Dulquar Salman

He is the most stylist actor in south India now.His looks in NPCB movie is the best...

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33 Dileep

What an amazing actor! He is very flexible and can play any role easily! He is a master of comedy and I love every single one of his films. He and other actors like Mohanlal and Mammootty are the only ones who don't have to be handsome to make good films! Even the new-gen actors of Malayalam movie industry are starting to get into style for publicity. Dileep has truly achieved this stardom and I would like to see him in the top ten. He is my favorite actor in the whole world and always makes me laugh.

He is only great HERO who is also a great COMEDIAN...

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34 Prithviraj Sukumaran

His solid figure and daring voice is unbeatable. His flexibility and versatility to act in any language makes him a international brand. No matter what the language is you can rely on him.

He is the most daring actor and doesn't care about the image to do a character

He is the hold and king of Malayalam

Next legend from Indian cinema

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35 Darshan

He is real challenging star

He is presently one of the top actors and commercially successfull hero in south india. He has the ability of acting in historical films like Sangolli rayanna also.

He is very good actor his way is very difficult to show his tallent but now he was sandalwood number 1 star all the best chingari

Boss is number 1 in Kannada industry...

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36 Yash

He is good actor in kannada film industry. He is a stylish star. Googly is very nice.

One day yash will become the most fan following south Indian hero

He will soon take over south Indian cinemas

He wants to become number 1 in this industry some bledy politics

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37 Upendra

Real star for ever in south film industries - 953818

Super Star is Always Good Actor & Director

Upendra is not reel star. He is REAL STAR. He is mad about films. I am sure no director in the world think like Him. If anyone have doubts see his films first, you will not understand and see twice or thrice. After that you will come to know which character you are seeing its not him but you only...

Best actor I ever seen... He should be no1

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38 Nivin Pauly Nivin Pauly

A very good romantic hero having a lot girl fans in kerala, and he also has glamour too

Nivin is the most talented actor.. he is so cute n stylish!

After seeing the remakes of his movie,we can find that he is irreplaceable.

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39 Sathyan V 1 Comment
40 Shivrajkumar

He is the only person in India acted in more number of novel based movies. around 20 movies...

Superb actor...and I like his energy at the age of 50

Present pillar of kannada film industry

Evergreen hero and very energetic hero.

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