Actors Who Should Play in a Live Action Archer Movie

Archer (2009 - present) is an adult comedy animated TV show that airs on FX. For this hypothetical list, to keep it challenging and consistent, I didn't list the actors who voice the characters because alot of the voice actors can easily play their own characters. Chris Parnell can easily play Cyril, Aisha Tyler with Lana, Judy Greer with Cheryl and Lucky Yates as Dr.Krieger. So please, if you decide to participate on this list, try not to list the voice actor to play their own live characters. Thanks everyone.

The Top Ten

1 Jon Hamm - Sterling Archer

He'd be perfect! - judo8alex

2 Jane Fonda - Malory Archer

Wasn't the character modeled after her voice actor? - 445956

Yes, along with a handful of the other characters. I didn't list the original voice actors the description box. Thanks for engaging on my list though! - THC13

3 Chris Pine - Barry Dylan
4 Kate Upton - Katya Kasanova
5 Jillian Bell - Pam Poovey
6 Ryan Gosling - Ray Gillette
7 Jeff Goldblum - Cyril Figgis Jeff Goldblum - Cyril Figgis
8 Kristen Bell - Cheryl Tunt
9 Paul Giamatti - Dr. Algernop Krieger
10 Paula Patton - Lana Kane

I actually think she isn't tall enough to play Lana but I can't think of anyone else that would be a better fit. Maybe someone else will come along and add a better match. - THC13

Good call. I agree. Tall, attractive and the has a firey attitude. You should have added her. - THC13

The Contenders

11 Aisha Tyler - Lana Kane

Too young to watch that show, but I have seen in lists that she looks like the character. She also voices the character - 445956

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