Top Ten Actresses of Malayalam Cinema


The Top Ten

1 Manju Warrier

Malayalam's Lady superstar!
Actress who can replace Mohanlal in the female side.
Flexible and such a natural actor! - Ammu1234

2 Geetha

The movie 'Panchaagni' expresses her talent! - Ammu1234

3 Shobana

Nagavalli is all enough to highlight the potential of this actor! - Ammu1234

4 Urvashi

Natural actor!
Capable of pulling out the best in her! - Ammu1234

5 Rima Kallingal

Such a bold and strong actor!
Best among the new gen actresses. - Ammu1234

6 Parvathy Menon

Realistic actor!
Kudos to her wonderful performances! - Ammu1234

7 KPAC Lalitha

Brilliance and naturalism at its peak! - Ammu1234

8 Kavya Madhavan
9 Mamta Mohandas Mamta Mohandas

Stylish actor! - Ammu1234

10 Amala Paul Amala Paul

Realistic actor --- tries to bring the best in her!
Suitable for character roles - Ammu1234

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