Best Acts on Americas Got Talent Season 12

The Top Ten Best Acts on Americas Got Talent Season 12

1 Puddles Pity Party

Amazing acts - e9090

2 Preacher Lawson
3 Light Balance

They totally should have won, but as usual America will vote for the child singers with sob stories.

4 Darci Lynn

I'm highly confident about Darci Lynne that she would win this season and she actually did win. I'm so proud of her. Every contestant deserves to win, but I think she deserves it the most! She has a unique talent and used 3 talents in 1: ventriloquism, singing, and comedy. At such a young age, she never failed to amaze me! She may be shy, but her confidence is boosting as she gets more popular. She is such an inspiration for people, especially for shy people who wants to show their talent or speak in public. She is also very sweet and kind.

5 Kechi
6 Mandy Harvey
7 Diavolo

Diavolo and Colin Cloud impressed me the most. - Metal_Treasure

8 Celine Tam
9 Colin Cloud
10 Angelica Hale

The Contenders

11 Chase Goehring
12 Merrick Hanna
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