Top 10 Acts of Betrayal in Animated Movies

These moments just goes to show you just can't trust anyone. For this list we will be looking back at some of the most shocking and at times heartbreaking moments from animated movies where characters trusted another character only to be deceived in the end with terrible consequences.
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1 "Long Live the King!" - The Lion King

Looking to make himself the new King of Pride Rock Scar sets it up so Mufasa and Simba would die during a wildebeest stampede Mufasa manages to save Simba and as he is climbing up to safety he pleads with Scar to help him as Scar latches on to his paws as he whipsers to Mufasa "Long Live the King" before throwing him back into the sea of stampeding wildebeest's killing all while Simba watches in horror and it doesn't stop there as Scar tells Simba that Mufasa's death was his fault and orders him to runaway and never return.

Classic, and even though we knew Scar was evil, we had no idea how dark the movie was about to get.

2 Ernesto Poisons Hector and Steals His Songs - Coco
3 "You're Not My Friend" - All Dogs Go to Heaven

During the course of the movie Charlie frees Anne Marie from Carface and uses her ability to talk to animals and predict the outcome of races to make money and get even with Carface, Charlie tells her they're going to use the winnings to help the poor which is a lie as Anne Marie begins to realize that Charlie is taking advantage of her as Charlie tries to convince her other wise, things come to a head after Carface retaliates and beats up Itchy along with his thugs and destroys their casino Itchy berates Charlie for caring more for the girl then his well being as Charlie trying to prove to Itchy that he hasn't gone soft goes off telling him that he doesn't care about the girl and that he only pretended to be her friend just so he can use her and when their done with her he plans to dump her in an orphanage, Anne Marie overhears this and is heartbroken but what Charlie said as she tearfully tells him "Your not my friend" and proceeds to call him a bad dog before running away and ...more

The dog Charlie is an idiot in the sequel

4 Kenai Tells Koda that He Killed His Mom - Brother Bear

After killing a bear Kenai is punished by being transformed into a bear he soon comes into the care of a young cub Koda who got separated from his mother and though Kenai is reluctant at first he soon starts to form a bond with Koda until Kenai comes to the realization that the bear he killed was Koda's mother and he is forced to break the bad news to Koda that not only is his mother not coming but he was the one who killed her and Koda is devastated and feels betrayed by Kenai someone he considered like a brother to him as he runs away as Kenai chases after him attempting to apologize for his misdeed.

Killing your own mother is absolutely the most insane way to do!

5 Lotso Leaves Woody and the Others to Their Demise - Toy Story 3

After ending up in the dump the toys find themselves headed towards the Incinerator with their only hope of survival is for one of them to shut off the machine and despite what Latso put them through they help him to reach the button only for Lotso to abandon them while adding insult to injury telling them "Where's Your Kid Now sheriff! " as he walks away leaving Woody and the others to their demise.

6 Rex Betrays Emmet - The Lego Movie 2 the Second Part

Rex who is actually Emmet from the future tricks his past self into sabotaging the wedding by destroying the cake's temple in order to cause Armamadeddon as revenge for his friends abandoning him.

7 Clayton Betrays Tarzan and the Others - Tarzan

Tarzan makes the careless mistake of trusting Clayton who convinces him to lead them to the gorillas, as Tarzan decides to leave the jungle and retrun home with Jane and her father they get ambushed by Clayton and his men and they lock them up in the ship so they can capture the gorillas, not only does Clayton betray Tarzan and the others but Tarzan realizes that in the process he betrayed his family by showing Clayton where the gorillas are at.

8 RJ Abandons the Others and Makes Off with the Food - Over the Hedge

After all the food RJ intended to give to repay Vincent gets destroyed when Verne tries to return it, he convinces Verne and the others to go for one big heist by breaking into the human Gladys's home and stealing the food, though all the food is collected everyone expect for RJ is captured by the exterminator as RJ leaves them to their horrible fate as everyone realizes that Verne was right about not trusting him and even Verne himself admits that he knew he couldn't trust R.J. but did anyway.

9 Hades Uses Megra to Depower Hercules - Hercules

After failing to get rid of Hercules Hades has one last trick up his sleeve realizing Hercules one weakness is none other then his love for Megara who is in debt to him after selling her soul to him to save her boyfriend's life only for him to leave her for another, Hades makes a deal with Hercules to give up his powers for one day so he can conquer mount Olympus in order to save Megara Hercules makes the deal as Hades depowers him before revealing that Megara was working for him this whole

10 "I Was Always There" - Puss in Boots

Despite their falling out years earlier Puss agrees to join Humpty Puss's childhood friend until he tricked him into robbing the bank in their hometown of San Ricardo leading to him going on the run and Kitty Softpaws into finding the magic beans and retrieve the golden goose who lays the golden eggs, they accomplish this only for Puss to be deceived by Humpy who was working together with Jack and Jill to trick Puss into returning to San Ricardo so he can be arrested as revenge for abandoning him to the authorities following the bank heist earlier as Puss is arrested and Humpy is deemed a hero after donating the golden eggs to the town, but it doesn't end their as its later revealed the goose they took was just the child and that the great terror they spoke of earlier is actually its mother and plans to destroy the town looking for its young just as Humpty had planned all along.

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11 Bellwether's Takeover - Zootopia
12 Hans Betrays Anna - Frozen
13 Chester V Betrays Flint - Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2
14 Rocky's a Fake - Chicken Run
15 Evelyn Deavor is Screenslaver - Incredibles 2
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