Top Ten Acts of Nintendo Censorship

The final daily submission. This is based on the practices Nintendo does to censor games in the 80s or 90s to see how epic they are.

The Top Ten

1 Mother 2's Censorship of Nudes
2 Final Fantasy VI's Censorship of Sirens
3 Double Dragon 2's Censorship of Damsels
4 Everything in Final Fight

I would believe you if you told me it's a different game with the same name - Maddox121

5 Kid Icarus Allows Siren's Uncensored
6 River City Ransom's Sauna
7 Mortal Kombat's SNES Failure
8 Castlevania's Sewer Levels
9 Monster Party's Blood Levels
10 Wolfenstein 3D's Fake Neo-Nazi Groups

The Contenders

11 Punch-Out's replacement of Mike Tyson with Mr. Dream
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