Best Adam Ant Songs

The Top Ten Best Adam Ant Songs

1 Stand and Deliver

So catchy! - DaringXx

2 Goody Two Shoes
3 Prince Charming

Haha! "Prince Charming... Prince Charming... Ridicule is nothing to be scared of..." haha! Adam Ant should know! And yes, it's actually quite a good song... - Britgirl

4 Wonderful
5 Strip
6 Cool Zombie
7 Desperate But Not Serious
8 Friend or Foe
9 Room at the Top
10 Shrink

The Contenders

11 Catholic Days
12 Kings of the Wild Frontier

A barrage of tribal drums, surf guitar, white noise and whooping - magnificent! That moment about 20 seconds in when the Burundi Beat kicks in is one of the most exciting moments in popular music. Briefly, Adam Ants were the greatest band on the planet and this song shows you why.

13 Made of Money
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