Top Ten Best Adam Lambert Cover Songs

This is a list of cover songs sung by Adam lambert mostly from his Queen+Adam tour and from his American Idol perfomances, please vote for the song which should be placed higher

The Top Ten

1 Mad World

Of course this is the best cover song by Adam , a way better than the orginal one! - glambert

This song is very amazing

2 Marry the Night

Love this by ADAM.. way better than the original... he made it his own! Saw this on Glee & he killed it!

3 The Tracks of My Tears

Deeply moving.

4 A Change Is Gonna Come
5 Feeling Good
6 One
7 Is This Love
8 Whole Lotta Love
9 No Boundaries
10 If I Can't Have You

It's so beautiful, can't stop listening to this song...
It's so amazing and should be r8 on the top of the list!

The Contenders

11 Born To Be Wild

His voice in this song is... Just... Unbelievable. He's a genius!

12 I Just Love You

Its just beautiful, this song sinks you, just try once and you can never stop listening - glambert

It's so great!
I wonder why nobody knows this song. - Jackdaw

13 Ring Of Fire

The best of adam lambert's cover song!

14 Cryin'
15 Barracuda
16 Stay
17 Who Wants to Live Forever
18 Titanium

Better than the original.

19 Browie Medley
20 I Can't Get No Satisfaction
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1. Marry the Night
2. Mad World
3. A Change Is Gonna Come
1. Mad World
2. The Tracks of My Tears
3. Marry the Night



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