Top Ten Best Adam Lambert Cover Songs

This is a list of cover songs sung by Adam lambert mostly from his Queen+Adam tour and from his American Idol perfomances, please vote for the song which should be placed higher

The Top Ten

1 Mad World

Of course this is the best cover song by Adam , a way better than the orginal one! - glambert

This song is very amazing

2 Marry the Night

Love this by ADAM.. way better than the original... he made it his own! Saw this on Glee & he killed it!

3 If I Can't Have You

It's so beautiful, can't stop listening to this song...
It's so amazing and should be r8 on the top of the list!

4 A Change Is Gonna Come

ADAM sings this with so much emotion & hits those notes without even trying! Natural Born Singer/Entertainer! #1

5 The Tracks of My Tears

Deeply moving.

6 One

He's covered very few songs well apart from U2's one & he sings it so much better than them.

7 No Boundaries
8 Ring Of Fire

The best of adam lambert's cover song!

9 Born To Be Wild

His voice in this song is... Just... Unbelievable. He's a genius!

10 Whole Lotta Love

The Contenders

11 Cryin'
12 Feeling Good
13 Is This Love
14 Barracuda
15 Stay
16 Who Wants to Live Forever
17 Titanium

Better than the original.

18 I Just Love You

Its just beautiful, this song sinks you, just try once and you can never stop listening - glambert

It's so great!
I wonder why nobody knows this song. - Jackdaw

19 Browie Medley
20 Bohemian Rhapsody
21 I Can't Get No Satisfaction
22 Gloria
23 The Fox

Better than the original

24 Red House
25 Enter Sandman
26 Love Kills

Queen+Adam reinterpreted Freddie's beautiful lyrics into a soulful ballad that is unforgettable and has the making of a new classic.

Love Kills should be No. 1 on this list. I can't stop listening to it. The combination of Adam's heartfelt emotions and Queen's epic band make it sound better than the original disco version. Just listen and vote:

27 Black or White
28 Somebody To Love
29 The Happening
30 Rock With You
31 We Are The Champions
32 Play That Funky Music
33 Dragon Attack
34 Radio Gaga
35 The Show Must Go On
36 I Want to Break Free
37 I Want It All
38 Into the Groove
39 Another One Bites the Dust
40 I Believe In a Thing Called Love
41 Crazy Little Thing Called Love
42 Don't Stop Me Now
43 Shout
44 Starlight
45 Purple Haze
46 Killer Queen
47 Now I'm Here
48 Fat Bottomed Girls
49 Stone Cold Crazy
50 In the Lap of Gods
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