Top Ten Most Addicting FIFA Games

Ah, the days before EA focused on Ultimate Team and Origin and nothing else. If you can get ahold of any of these games, I suggest playing them. You'll have fun for hours.

The Top Ten Most Addicting FIFA Games

1 FIFA 07

Best soundtrack and manager mode

This game will hook you for hours. This game has the best manager mode in FIFA history. - PizzaGuy

2 FIFA 06

For some reason, the players are very OP in this game. But that just adds to the fun! - PizzaGuy

3 FIFA 08

Very fun and addicting. For some reason I love the design on the PC. And the soundtrack is awesome. I remember once I just jammed into Fa-Fa-Fa embarrasingly for 3 minutes. - PizzaGuy

4 FIFA Football 2004

If FIFA 03 was fun, FIFA 04 just updated it! It's sleek, realistic, and fun. - PizzaGuy

5 FIFA Football 2003

This game is amazingly fun. And it was pretty realistic for back in the day. - PizzaGuy

6 FIFA 09

Words cannot describe how good this game is. It's fun, the Ultimate Team was good, and 2008-09 was part of an era of great Jerseys, trust me. - PizzaGuy

7 FIFA International Soccer

The first ever game. You can see how FIFA was like at first and laugh "Wow, this is nothing like FIFA 15! " - PizzaGuy

8 FIFA 10

Wow. This game was extremely great. And the FIFA 10 Captain Your Country was very addicting, and same for the Ultimate Team. - PizzaGuy

9 FIFA 16

A glorious return to fun. Thanks, EA! - PizzaGuy

10 FIFA 14

The Contenders

11 FIFA 11

Well, the game is really amazing on all consoles, but if you want the best, go check out the Wii version. The player mode now is boring, but back then, you started off as a street footballer and go up your way to glory. This game has everything, Street football, Futsal, and Regular, this game will hook you for hours - PizzaGuy

12 FIFA 13
13 FIFA 17


14 FIFA 12

This was the very last game before FIFA got annoying. They tried their best on handheld, and the console version hooked me up. - PizzaGuy

15 FIFA 15

Manger mode is amazing in FIFA 15 once I started playing that was all I would play. - francesco

This is so good once I started career with real it's so good I'm a barca fan by the way visca barca! Also that s nearly all I can play! Career mode is so good!

16 FIFA: Road to the World Cup '98
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