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1 Defend Your Castle

Nothing else sends time flying as much as putting towers on a field then doing nothing for hours - rocknrolla

How is this even close to worthiness of 1st position? Such a joke that Runescape isn't here... Runescape's so amazing that I could masturbate over it laugh out loud.

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2 Territory War

Great game, the soundtracks are also awesome! Classic stick figure game, that requires skill to win!

Territory war brings back a lot of memories, and I still play it to this day! It's one of the best online games! - beatles5

I love this game. I always give my little stick figures names of HTF characters.

Old classic from max games what more do you want?

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3 Runescape

I've spent 8 years so far on this game and I don't know when I'm quitting LOL. Also Old School Runescape is great.

it's so additive some people spend their whole life it's amazing so good I nearly play it all the time

Is this a joke? Runescape is so obviously number one it's almost funny... Best online game out there...

4 Happy Wheels

Best computer game ever there's nothing more fun then being the irresponsible dad and flick your sun into a harpoon

This game is hilarious. It should be Number 1!

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5 The Impossible Quiz

its imposible so your mind will be forced to fork with this game

This game is awesome! simply I love addicting and creative!

The Impossible quiz is a really addictive game, with completely random questions and answers. It includes 110 questions, a few lives and some skips. The Impossible Quiz 2 is just as addictive. This game is also very frustrating. :P

Once you start, you literally CAN'T stop.

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6 League of Legends

I can't believe I had to recommend this.

Laugh out loud is awesome

7 Pillage The Village

So addicting even though I never played it

8 Warlords: Call To Arms

Its amazingly fun.. The second version is better though and runescape sucks its more of an mmorpg than an ordinary game

9 Minecraft

I, m so mad this isn't, t at least number three. There is always SOMETHING to do on here. Multiplayer, single, nodded multiplayer, and so much more!

It's The most best game ever you can build houses go mining farm its just awesome - lemonpol

"Top 10 addicting FREE online games". Last time I checked Minecraft isn't free so get your facts straight... - xSepticGirlx

This game ain't free people

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10 Bloons

I don't even want to know how many hours of my life I have wasted playing this game.

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11 The Stupid Quiz 4
12 Hands Of War RPG
13 Stick RPG

Good game that I can play the whole time :D

14 Red Remover
15 The Heist
16 Chronotron
17 Team Fortress 2

I love this game. I also love Minecraft, but why is it here? You have to pay for Minecraft, unlike everything else here. These are FREE online games, not pat to play. Some people here are stupid.

How could you have not added this?!

Does it say free in the title? No, and by the way, Minecraft cost money because of multiple reasons

The games that made with ausomeness

18 WarRock

First Person Shooter (FPS) game, gives players a fresh alternative to the various Role Playing Games in the country today. Players can choose from five different military character classes.

19 Warframe

Oh, definitely. Let's put this game up a couple spots. - MKBeast

Free and better than most games. What else?

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20 Metal Gear Online
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1. Happy Wheels
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1. Defend Your Castle
2. Territory War
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1. League of Legends
2. Runescape
3. Territory War



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