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21 Roblox

I play this like 8 hours a day, should be number 1

Should be number one! On roblox please friend adventurecookie8

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22 DeConstruction
23 Black Knight
24 Age of Speed
25 Super Mario 63

I just LOVE Super Mario 63! It is a great mix of several Mario games such as Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine. Also, the Level Editor had me playing for hours, especially with the thing that lets you customize the background music of your level! I definitely recommend this awesome game to any fans of the Super Mario Bros franchise.

26 AdventureQuest Worlds: 13 Lords of Chaos
27 Farmville
28 Cave Story
29 Transformice

So addictive, I can't play anything else except transformice

Put this higher in the list, it is so addictive

Probably the best online game, but I'm still weirded out how people that joined in Jan. 2017 have collected thousands more cheese than me and I joined in Nov. 2014.. - galaco

Too bad atelier801 is slowly destroying the game by the useless updates and lack of moderators
this game is 30% serious ;-;

30 Priston Tale
31 Amorphous +

I've poured hours into this game. There's something special about using a giant sword to splatter blobs of goo while narrowly avoiding death.

The scope of the game is surprising - there are eighteen types of enemies which interact with each other in unique ways. If a Torchie runs over an Inkie's ink, it starts a fire. If you walk into the fire, you can put yourself out with Stickie goo - which will also prevent you from being frozen by a Frostie.

The game is just challenging enough to drive you to get better at it so you can beat it. It's not an easy game, but you actually get better at it by playing it more. There are 110 achievements motivating you to play more, get better, and even unlock a few items. Even after you've gotten all 110 (no easy feat! ), it's still fun to wave a sword at things.

32 Poptropica

I remember back in elementary school, we had a computer lab. Every time we went to the computer lab to do StudyIsland, after I was done, I would always play Poptropica. I would play the easy islands, Early Poptropica, Shark Tooth, and such. I never saved my game, meaning every time I played, I would be playing as a different character, but that didn't stop me from having fun playing it. Gosh, I've played Shark Tooth and Early Poptropica so many times that if you were to ask me how to beat them I would be able to tell you automatically, I swear. I have so many fun memories of playing Poptropica, and I've recently started playing it again. I think my favorite island will forever be Monster Carnival Island, mainly because of the scarecrows and the puppet monster(The one in the haunted lab that scares you when you go to get the black light).

Also, here's a tip for that island, the brain monster will actually speak to you. He's where the weight guesser stands, and he'll give you ...more

33 Pokemon Tower Defense
34 Planetside 2

This game is so addicting.

The best game ever! please vote for!

36 ShellShock Live
37 Arcane The Armor Collecter
38 UberStrike

Every guns are cool

39 Color of Theory
40 Happy Wars
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