Most Addictive Michael Jackson Songs

The Top Ten

1 Thriller

Best music video of all time
The title of the best selling album of all time

2 Smooth Criminal

7th best music video of all time

3 Billie Jean

Best michael Jackson song
2nd most addictive

4 Beat It
5 Earth Song

The most underrated song of all time
Mj's voice in the song is unreal

6 Black or White

2nd best michael Jackson song

7 You Rock My World

This is my FAVORITE song out of all the ones he made. - DarkAngelxox

An underrated MJ song, like Working Day and Night

Catchy and good music video

8 Rock With You

Good song for relaxing

9 Human Nature

Such an underrated song
Here's a fun fact; human nature was michael Jackson's favorite song

10 Bad

Good music video
The title of the 6th best selling album of all time

The Contenders

11 Say Say Say
12 Workin' Day and Night
13 You Are Not Alone
14 Man In the Mirror
15 Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'

My favourite because this the first song I ever heard, I was 2 years old, it bring me wonderful memories

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