Most Addictive Songs of All Time

Having heard all types of rock, pop, classical, rap and dance numbers from 1970 till date... I would really love to share the list of those which I think more addictive than all others in my favourite list... Which makes me play them again and again and again...

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1 Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana

What can I say about this song... First time you listen it... It pleases U... But if you have played it 5-10 times... Then you start to get the fever of this song... I bet you can't get enough of it at least till 100 plays... Love you kurt cobain for such a masterpiece! - shashankgupta22

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2 Sun Rocket - Malmen

Most addictive song ever!

3 Cherry Blossom Girl - Air

Ended up playing this one seven times in a row after the first listen. Love it! Great to listen to while doing homework as well. - Entranced98

4 The Mission - Radix
5 Kashmir - Led Zeppelin

"Ho let the sun beat down upon my face starts to fill my dreams... "
Took quite long and many plays for me to perceive this song... But after some 15-20 plays I got the best feeling ever in this song... What more can I say... There is emotions, erotica, consent and madness everything in this song... But number 2 is what at max I can give it - shashankgupta22

This song was percieved as one of the weird ones when I first heard it... But probably it got me wrong... I sensed its taste some 10-15 plays later... I'm just too much addicted to it... Its complete treat to my ears... What more can you comment about the best rockband of all time! - shashankgupta22

6 Lose Yourself - Eminem

After so many plays... Since last 4 years... I finally managed to absorb the lyrics from Eminem's all time best rap... And now at least I can sing with him... This means I am now in for hundreds of more plays! - shashankgupta22

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7 Instant Crush - Daft Punk

I thought I was the only one who thinks that this song is annoyingly addictive!

At first I heard it, it was like ok for me. Second time I heard it, man that's good. Since the third time I looped on and on. - samrat_rudra

8 Synaesthesia - The Thrillseekers
9 Let It Go - Hideki Naganuma
10 Comfortably Numb - Pink Floyd

It'd be impossible to know how many times I've replayed this song since the 90s. Its an amazing song and possibly one of the most creative/different subjects to ever be in a song. I've met people who think it' about drugs, but its not. It is obviously about the experimental surgery the british would do on some criminals in the 50s and 60s that would basically make them handicapped where they can barely even have a complete thought. They would pump them full of drugs which is why it is Comfortably Numb.

This song is a complete gem... Just loved it the first time I heard it some 7 years ago and still I can't get enough of this song... The solo in this song is just too good... All time best from pink floyd! - shashankgupta22

It's addictive

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? Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen

Number one.

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11 Det Var En GÅNG En Fågel - Laser Inc
12 What Goes Around...Comes Around - Justin Timberlake

One of the most multi-talented stars of recent times JT... Has got whatever you can ask for in this song... Great music and superb voice variances... Scarlett johanson scenes in the video are icing on the cake... Bet you have already heard it many times - shashankgupta22

Superb song showing reality

I love this song

13 Yellow - Hatsune Miku
14 Sweet Child O' Mine - Guns N' Roses

Addicting voice and guitar!

Wow... I love Axl rose's change in vocals time in time out... And the guitar solo at the end of this song makes us go wo... How can this not be addictive... Best one from Guns and Roses! - shashankgupta22

15 Fancy - Iggy Azalea

Very addictive and fun song, the chorus is the most addictive part.

It is an epic song just like the parody from Bart Baker I heard it a couple of months ago

16 Clarity - Zedd

I listened it 20 times in 2 days

17 True Love - Pink
18 One More Time - Daft Punk
19 Fade to Black - Metallica

The serene music at the start and a typical mettalica touch throughout the song... With meaningful lyrics... Is most of what a rock song can be asked for... Moreover this song progresses to give you chills and so indeed its one of the most played songs on my lists. - shashankgupta22

That song is the best ever I listen to it every day ##so addicting

20 Metropolis - David Guetta & Nicky Romero

I can't stop listening to this song! - Arlington

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