Top Ten Additions in Minecraft 1.14

Minecraft 1.14, or the Update Aquatic is a major Minecraft update that comes out in spring of 2018. Which feature is its greatest?

The Top Ten

1 Proper Fish

I just wanted to say that they merged 1.13 with 1.14 so everything will be added in 1.13. - ChuckLaunching

finally... - ChuckLaunching

2 Dolphins

This was added in 1.13 - Wobblygaming7

This mob is useful... It's gonna lead to shipwrecks.

Okay, this HAS TO STOP.
Pointless mobs that don't do anything ingame should NOT be good update material.
They have a HUGE backlog of things they should've been adding (like anything besides Diamond Armor, etc), but no. Llamas and parrots and other mobs that do absolutely nothing! Enjoy the boredom! - mattstat716

3 Mob B (The Monster of the Night Skies)

They are now officially called phantoms. - ChuckLaunching

4 Coral Reefs

umm...yay? - WVanBuskirk

5 Kelp
6 Tridents
7 Shipwrecks
8 Icebergs
9 Bubble Columns
10 More Ocean Variants

The Contenders

11 Turtles
12 More Fish Types
13 New Water Physics
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